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My Beef with Advertising and the MEDIA!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 4, 2007

Advertising is described in the dictionary as:  “the promotion through public announcements in newspapers or on the radio, television, or Internet of something such as a product, service, event, or vacancy in order to attract or increase interest in it” 

Advertising has become a much broader term than this would imply.   Actually, most everything  we do is advertising.  All forms of

media, you, your company, me, WE are all advertising something whether it is a product or an ideal, just to be heard.  Heck, as you are reading this website you are also viewing a form of advertising; a “promotion” of a point of view.    Advertising has melted into the “NEWS” as well!!  There seems to be no common TRUTH to “The News” anymore.  “The News” is no longer the “NEWS” as it was known when Cronkite did it.   “The NEW News”  is told with a perspective and that perspective is “The News” these days.  Everyone wants to put their own unique spin,  perspective or just plain old blatant commentary into “The News.”  Or could it be that we are becoming so educated that we  realize that even Cronkite put a spin or two on the old evening NEWS?  Let’s slice it and dice it.   

Those that now have access to some form of media have a voice and the potential to make history and/or form the future.  Whether it is the internet, television, radio, blackberry or cell…we are CONNECTED!  WORLD WIDE!

  We are now in a world market where everything AND EVERYONE (company, entity, group, person whether for profit or for non-profit) must compete.   

The competition is so incredible that everyone is doing the UN-CREDIT-ABLE  to get attention for their cause or product.  Heretofore reputable companies, feeling the pressure of this enormous new market  are  selling their souls to attain every inch of media space. 

Let’s see, did it start with the Super Bowl when there was a wardrobe malfunction?  Or was it after 9/11 and all the networks went bonkers on their ratings?  Haven’t you noticed…everything is a big deal anymore, tornados, buildings on fire, snow storms…the networks want us gripped with fear to see what happens next…that is an actual tag line on one network.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  Disasters are horrible things and very scary and those in them and helping need prayer and support.  I’m harping on the point of the media USING these disasters as SCARE tactics to keep us watching, waiting to up their rating!


Everyone wants to grab the biggest piece of the market because pretty soon the market will be so big there won’t be enough to make the huge profits so many at the top are accustomed to.  Kind of like when tech came into the market with industry.   Come to think of it they will be less likely to make history and/or form the future too.  If they are too small they won’t attract the attention of the all powerful, GLOBAL media.   

**Global media will have to wait for another rant session. **


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