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Let Us Be Thankful and THOUGHTFUL!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 8, 2007

I wrote this earlier on another site but wanted to share it again during a season of THANKFULNESS! There are several ideas resurfacing which were popular in previous years relating to new age thinking…although this time…it is being marketed as “The Secret” or “I Universe” and other various names. This line of thinking and self-promotion are just plain wrong.  Although I’ve applauded women like Oprah and Ellen in the past;  their buy-in to this is down right STINKIN THINKIN!!!!! 

Keep open minds about ANYTHING in the media these days!  Give yourself other points of views because people are making money from all this hoopla (that is their main goal after all).  And I can only imagine that controversy makes people like Oprah and Ellen endorse it all the more (controversy seems to sell right now).  OR it could be that they (O and E) have lived such magical lives that they think everyone could have the magic if they just wished it. 

It is a preposterous, sophomoric notion that everyone creates their reality or universe. 

Again, I state that positive thinking is great.  Positive thinking is healing, nurturing, good…it is ALWAYS a PLUS!  However, those that want to sell you something always put a bit of the truth in their bags or their particular brand of snake oil.  Most of the rest of the contents are mis-mash, mumbly gumbly, muck…so they can MAKE A BUCK!!! 

There is nothing wrong with making a buck…so the buyer MUST beware!  Keep an open mind NOT a SPONGE MIND!I’d also like to speculate that some of the ‘idea’ people for these assertions may have done heavy drugs during their ‘learning’ years. It is just a thought!

Questions to ask: 

AND HOW IS IT they KNOW THE big SECRET??  How did they realize the “Law of Attraction”?  What kind of person “attracts” car wrecks, plane engine failure or incurable disease?

GIVE ME A BREAK! as John Stossel would say!


Have a wonderful Easter Spring Break!


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