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Miracles … Dead or Alive? Part Two

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 20, 2007

Miracles … Dead or Alive?  Part Two

DAY FIVE, the most wonderful family doctor I’ve ever had called me.  “What is UP with YOU, my dear?” said Dr. Good Guy.  He sang sweet nothings into my ear telling me that ovarian cancer was highly unlikely; neither the ovaries nor liver spots concerned him.  HUGE SIGH of RELIEF!  I wanted to jump through the phone and plant a big wet one on him!!!  Then came the BUT… he was concerned about the bone.  He was also concerned about this brain episode I’d had. I was more thankful that it wasn’t ovarian cancer.  I still don’t have the words to express the gratitude I have about that.

I knew that no matter what “it” is I would survive! I revved up myself for a battle.  Cancer is something people live with everyday; something people are cured of EVERYDAY.  John Edward’s wife, she’s doing it…so could I! I was so deeply grateful and ready for whatever came next!   

Mixed results about the bone caused Dr. Good Guy to sound the horn and up the hill we charged! He was determined to find the primary location and get me into treatment quickly.  (For those of you who don’t know, when cancer is in the bone it has usually metastasized from another location.)  Over the next two weeks Dr. Good Guy called almost daily with new test results.  No cancer here, no cancer there.  After my bone scan Dr. Good Guy called and said he had gotten me an appointment (FIRST thing the next morning) to see a leading orthopedic surgeon in the area.  WHAT?  I couldn’t be gracious or thankful enough to either doctor. 

WHY is this going so well?  WHY am I getting the best care ever?    HOW could I ever be grateful enough?  I felt…feel so unworthy?  HOW could I be so unbelievably calm all this time? 

It hit me like a TON of bricks…the army of friends and family I had called upon!  Prayer, thoughts, thankfulness, love, light, caring, sharing, support…I’m being held up in my spirit by those that have been coming together in unison for me.  I was overwhelmed.  I started praying and thinking of each person.  I wanted this wondrous thing they had done for me be repeated back to them 10 times.  I didn’t need to know all the names, God knows.

Finally, a quick biopsy, a preliminary diagnosis that surprised everyone the tumor is benign.  Oh my, oh my, oh my GOD!  This was COMPLETELY unexpected! 

How could I be so blessed?  Could my friend had intuition or premonition when she dreamed this would be localized?  Is this how God works miracles? Could the episode in my brain have been a healing? 

These are the great questions I ponder while preparing for surgery next week.  Dr. Sweet Heart is doing the surgery.  I’m ready and excited to complete this particular journey into the unknown.  

Coming next week  


 My conclusions and my lessons learned about how healthcare works!


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