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Success in Mary Kay Cosmetics

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 30, 2007

Success in Mary Kay Cosmetics is for the few at the top of the pyramid.  Some of the women in Mary Kay say, “You just aren’t working hard enough.”

Let’s get this success and working harder thing out of the way right now:Success takes hard work…YES… Harder…NO…that is a carrot they hang out there for you.  Success takes sacrifice over other things… YES!  Success also depends upon good fortune of health, being at the right place at the right time AND success can be defined by any number of things other than rank or money, fame or fortune.

Some define success as the amount of money they have, others define it by the number of things they have, others by the love and devotion of others or by a garden or painting or the number of lives they have saved or taught. Success is as unique as each person and their perspective of success.

After trying Mary Kay for one year it was easy to have so many questions about the ethics of the business and some of the people I came in contact with (unfortunately). Working Mary Kay as a business is simply living the Mary Kay life in which my family isn’t included and every recognition is about how much I purchase in product. If you are in Mary Kay surely you’ve had women look at you and run as soon as you say the name…because they KNOW!

Put YOURSELF in the KNOW by visiting!

Anyone that tells you this is just negative are afraid you may find out the truth.

Any business that is legit can stand up to some LIGHT being shed upon it!

FOR ME, I chose to quit Mary Kay and be with my family and friends when I’m not working a REAL JOB. FOR ME, I chose to give my kids the attention I didn’t during one solid year of trying to make a business work.  In the end I realized Mary Kay as a business worked for a VERY FEW and engulfed my every waking moment in an effort to MAKE IT WORK. FOR ME, I chose to look for the benefits and success that a balanced life would give me and mine.

I am HAPPY AGAIN and so is my family!


7 Responses to “Success in Mary Kay Cosmetics”

  1. Sunshine said

    Like any business it takes a lot of work. I am sorry that your experience with Mary Kay was not a fruitful one, however there are many ladies out there who are living the dream and making it successful. One has just got to try harder to make their business work, be it Mary Kay or otherwise. Nothing in life is easy.

  2. vanessa mcdermott said

    I own a Mary kay business and love it. I also work full time on top of that so I know nothing just falls into your lap. Even working at the bank , which I’ve done now for two years, you still have to go out and think of ways to get clients. If everything in life was easy it would be boring! Hard work is rewarding! Take pride in what you do and believe it and you will succeed.

  3. Thanks so much for your judgement on ME… not the Mary Kay business structure being out of whack. You are judging ME ladies. Someone you know nothing about. We do all know about Mary Kay and the business structure. If you are happy working Mary Kay then I’m happy for you. I now work from home and get paid for every moment I work. That suits me and my family much better and I’m making good money. So how’s about being happy for a person instead of judging people that have less than glorious things to say about Mary Kay…one of the reasons Mary Kay is a turn off… the judgement of others when not doing it the “Mary Kay” way. If I were to say something out of character for me, it would be, “Get off your high horse and why the heck are you out here in blogland defending Mary Kay and judging someone you don’t know instead of working on your sales?”

    • Anonymous said

      I have also tried Mary Kay a couple of times but i don’t know alot of people to so called get started with…I think if you do it’s a much easier ptocess instead of having to go up to total strangers which was very difficult for me.I think the directors should take the newcomers under their wings for a period of time and really show them more of what it takes to succeed in the business.I love the concept of working for yourself and climbing that ladder of success…but i do think the Mary Kay business plan needs to be more simplified…to fit every personality not just those that are very comfortable with going up to total strangers…i think if a person is somewhat mouthly and outgoing it may be an easier process!

  4. whitb4whit said

    I agree they are judging!!! I have been a mk consultant for 6 months and I thing that the ethics are definitely OUT OF WACK!!! I enjoy selling mk, however if ethics were involved I would enjoy it much more. I totally agree that they have positive lines for everything. I have recently cut off all ties with my director because I feel as if she is completely unethical!! I mean she went so far as to tell me that one of my recruits needs to make a $200 order because she sold that much product so where did that money go? and that it was embezzlement. HOW IS THAT???When it was her money she bought the products with that she sold.!!! I mean I would be completely fine if they were honest but they aren’t. To tell us that if we don’t come in as a star she won’t help us with our debut. Isn’t the mk way about setting us up for success regardless of if we have the funds or loan eligibility to get inventory. It’s crazy! I did come in with inventory and as a star and I got a loan to do this and I was full-time active duty Air Force!!!…Not to mention that the first order as a star ($1800 order) is more than $1800 and she orders you things that you will NEVER SELL or is limited edition. Why do they do this? because it helps their pockets. Not to mention after working full-time then I’m a newlywed I’m holding parties and consuming my time and not making that much money and the money you do bring in, goes back to my loan or back into putting those items on my shelf…ha! Then, they tell lies, if you sign up in the beginning of dec. that you can be debt free and have extra $$ by christmas…LIE!!! I HAVE READ MARY KAY ASH’S BOOK and they are not going about this business the mk way!! period!…this is no part time job, because these directors have nanny’s and seems to be no free time…all of their free time is spent doing mk….they should be honest and ethical in business matters and there would be nothing negative to say!…furthermore, its not negativity this is truth we have experienced! point blank!

    • I’m sorry that you went through this experience. Yet, I can tell you that now after four years out of MK I have a thriving home business as an HR consultant. I’ve been very blessed and learned many things that wouldn’t have happened had I not been through the experience. So having this lesson early in life, it may not be all bad. You do know you can get 90% back within the first year…at least MK used to offer that. Check out more inforamtion at, that is where I got support.


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