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My First Time!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 4, 2007

It was a warm sunny day.  My mother had placed my two-year-old brother and me in the backyard, tending to us from a window as she busied with daily chores.  The yard was enormous and had a silver fence with a big long gate in the back that led to a fairly busy street.  Mom and Dad had warned us about the street, it is the forbidden zone!   After a half hour of playing and running after my brother I became bored.  Not realizing, at the age of four, that the older children were in school, I began to wonder if my playmate could come over.  She lived in the house directly behind the forbidden zone!   

I went to the sandbox seat located at the closest vantage point and climbed up so my chin fit just over the rail.  I began to wail her name, “Joooooyyyyce, Jooooooyyyyyce, Jooooooyyyyyce,” I called.  But there was no response.  Maybe if I move over to another part of the yard she will hear me, I thought.  I squeezed my chubby cheeks in between the fence and gate and began to beg, “Pleeeease, JOYCE come out to play.”   All this time my brother was following me around, tugging and pulling on me, as all little bothersome brothers do.  He would pinch on my back and jabber unrecognizable words and then moan in the same tone as I.  What a bother, I thought. 

Then I believe I had my very first AHA moment!    Maybe if I open the gate and take a few steps closer, she will hear me!   Oh yes, of course that is it…genius!   Carefully I pushed up on the gate latch.  I paused to look back behind me!  AAAH!   A robust 2-year-old, teeth grit, tightly clenched fists, eyes big and wide, running at full speed.  I noticed a gleeful expression radiated from his face as he pushed by me.   I looked on in horror as the gate flung open wide.  I narrowly grabbed his shirt.  I caught him just in the nick of time.  But his prowess as a future lineman showed itself and he jerked free as if I was a fly on his shoulder.  My only advantage was a longer stride.  One swift kick of the leg, yank of the arm and KERPOW! Down we went in a heap on the ground.   We wrestled around as he continuously giggled with glee for to him this was fun!  I was aghast knowing that I would be forever in trouble if he got hurt from my breach of protocol.   

Oh I have to figure a way out of this, I thought to myself.  How can I get up off of him and make it to the gate?  Oh, oh, oh, he is slipping from my grasp again!  “MOOOOOOOOM” No answer, no footsteps, my strength was being stretched to its limits.  “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” I was sure she would hear me; to this day I can let out a panther cry that could raise the dead!   Out of the corner of my eye my Mom, my saving grace, my protector, my…”HOW DID THIS GATE OPEN?”  Oh yes, my sweet soft-spoken Mom (nicknamed ‘Sweet Pea’) can yell with the best of them!  Well, it was more of a snarl.  The snarl, you see, is like a yell through gritted teeth.  I remember my Grandma did it and now I do it…must be in the genes!  At any rate, it is an effective child-rearing tool, if you are into scaring your kids so they listen! 

Mom pulled us up off the ground and quickly closed the gate.  I guess she was talking to me because my brother couldn’t talk yet.  “How in the world did this gate get open?” she snarled.     “Um, Ron did it, Mom,”   it just spilled out over my lips like spittle.  It was that easy.  It was my first lie. Okay, the first lie I remember getting away with!  Because Mom took the bait…hook, line and sinker.  I had my first AHA moment and my first lie all in the realm of minutes.  No more snarling, no spanking, everyone is safe and sound, no one is the wiser! 

I’ve been sweetly haunted by it for all these years and at the age of 45, I finally told Mom the truth.  She said she could never figure out how Ron did that at such a young age.  She marveled that I had lied to her and kept the lie all these years.   “Well Mom” I started, “that isn’t the only time I lied to you, remember when I was 17 and…”   

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE!  Let’s just leave it at that sweet story, shall we?” 


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