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Kids, Kids, Kids, Series 3

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 8, 2007

I wrote the following in an email back when my oldest was 11-months-old: 

He crawls over to you and pulls up looking adoringly into your eyes and reaches for you to pick him up.  And you do; how can you resist?  Unknowingly you’ve been sucked into the eternal “walk-me” loop.  In one swift (and now rather smooth) move he is on your lap, a death grip on your fingers and those feet hit the floor.  Oh you have choices but the choices are walk him around until your back is about to break OR listen to the tantrum. (I thought the tantrums were supposed to come at age two… Lord … HELP ME!)   

He is now 9-years-old and believe it or not the choices are still the same; I can walk (drive) him around to all the places he wants to go or listen to the tantrum.  (I thought tantrums came in the teens not the tweens?!)  **Sheepish grin**


One Response to “Kids, Kids, Kids, Series 3”

  1. Mercedes said

    ROFL! and it doesn’t get much better with age-hehe. I do the same thing for my parents now-whew! Thank goodness my grandparents are appreciative!


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