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Kids, Kids, Kids! Series 4

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 11, 2007

Baby Thinks!   

Mom thinks:   “Oh look isn’t that cute!  My sweet 10-month-old likes to play peek-a-boo while changing his diaper.  That is so sweet and innocent!”

 Baby thinks:  “This is so much fun!  I love seeing that face as I put bruises her arms with my heels kicking everywhere…just wait until I pee on her!”  

Mom thinks:  “Oh you are an angel.  You’re so adorable; just look at that smile and all those beautiful white teeth coming in!

Baby thinks:  “The better to bite you with my dear…and not just on the arm!” 

Mom thinks:  “I hear little one.  Maybe I’ll bring him into our bed to cuddle.”

Baby thinks:  “Just wait until 3am when I slug ya in the eye with my right hook! 

Mom thinks:  “I need a break I’m just going to put you in this saucer for a few moments while I try to (FILL IN THE BLANK).

Baby thinks:  “This is the perfect time to have a 1 – diaper explosion; 2 – lose lunch; 3 – scream like I’m being beaten so the neighbors hear; 4 – pull one of these toys off and stick it in my mouth so Mom can’t find it when she comes back…how about all FOUR!!!”


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