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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 18, 2007

When did it happen?  When did we decide that actions DIDN’T reflect the character of a person?  When did we all decide that the media gets to tell us what to think?  When did the news of the day become a popularity contest? When and how did we decide that individual freedom came before the greater good?  How important are words? How did so many ugly words become “okay” to use in everyday speaking and WHY?  When did words like adultery, hatred, liar, cheat and scum become just words?  When did words like honesty, integrity, forthright and commitment to doing the right thing get lost?  When did we all agree with “the joke is on them if they can’t figure out the new way to screw” the system?”  When did it become “okay” or popular to “do it because everyone else is doing it?”  When did being bad become so popular, note worthy, NEWS WORTHY, important?   When and why are “the bad apples” getting all the attention of the media?  What about things that make you go hmm?  When did the way one looks or who they know become so important that their actions are justified?  Where will this all end?  What are WE going to do about it? 

Freedom of choice; make it by doing something or doing nothing…it is YOUR CHOICE!


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