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Home Party Business or Direct Selling

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 24, 2007

Through direct selling* I have:  

No medical insurance

No life insurance

No disability insurance

No sick day pay

No vacation pay

No option for a 401 (k) or employer contributions to a 401 (k)

No pension

No free training (REAL training) — that means teaching and telling what is in the products, how it works, how to apply, what may be in the products that would disagree with certain skin types and allergies, etc.

To pay for airfare, lodging to seminars, “classes”, “training” events

Not much SSI credit, which is based on income

No defined time of work and off time

All the same responsibilities (finding a sitter kids, cooking, cleaning, homework) WITH THE ADDED STRESS (see next)

All the responsibilities of finding bookings, getting a high percentage of people to buy on their first introduction to product, overhead of running a “business”,  pressure of buying more product from up-line, pressure from up-line to create a down-line, finding the extra money needed to go to seminar, buying gifts and samples for customers. 

I could go on…  

*Direct selling companies:  i.e. Mary Kay, Amway, Quintar, Home Interiors, various candle and jewelry, Pampered Chef………..let’s face it MOST home party/catalog books through friends and family are direct selling companies! 

The facts are the “consultant” or “sales person” is the real customer. 

Please check out some of my links to sites with more information!  Or just Google any of the names above and learn with an open mind.  


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