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It’s Wire Walking Time in Mary Kay!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 27, 2007

We are down to the wire now.  Pleading, pushing, begging, “guilting” for orders will begin to wane as so many women realize that THEY HAVEN’T MADE IT…AGAIN! 

After reviewing the GMB video, reading lots of emails from various NSDs, directors and all the wannabes it is difficult to see (with my eyes opened) who would think this as a career or business.  These ladies are so desperate that they beg, plead and guilt in a manner I’ve NEVER seen another business person do in my life.  Not one place of employment I’ve had; not Wendy’s, not McDonald’s, not the Credit Bureau, not the department stores, not the banks…not ONE person have I ever heard or read of acting in this manner.  Likewise, I’ve never been to a beauty salon, spa or cosmetic counter that has used these tactics to get me to purchase products.  Maybe because they know I wouldn’t come back if they did.


Selling and recruiting for Mary Kay is EXACTLY like building a house of cards.  If you don’t get and keep a certain number of recruits, the cards start to fall.  If you don’t sell a certain amount of product, the cards start to fall.  You have no insurance for your house of cards.  You can’t make a payment on the house of cards when you are sick or when your down-line is sick or quits. 

Working a “career” in Mary Kay is like playing the lottery.  Do you know enough friends and family, who know enough friends, who know enough friends to become recruits or customers?  Do you have the time to go out, meet and greet strangers, go to their homes, give them facials and then MAYBE GET A SALE?  Is begging, pleading, guilting others the way you want to live your life for the CHANCE to be making what those in the top 2% make…really?  When you play the Mary Kay career lottery is it just YOU taking the chance or are you taking the chance of losing your family and friends?

This year thousands of women at seminar will be so sad when they enter the arena because they didn’t “make it”.  And then the hype, music, electricity begins to fill the air and everyone who was so glum gets “re-born, renewed, re-cultivated” by joining hands, singing, dancing and cheering for those who did!  They are putting on the face of “fake it until we make it; put your big girl panties on” because it is always about someone else…NOT YOU, NOT YOUR FAMILY…it is always about THEM and what they want and how you can achieve it.  Even if you make it to stage at seminar, big whoop, you cross the stage as you cross over to the next credit card filled with debt.  Is it worth it, really?

I have to say how sad I am for these women.  There will be very few (even at the top of the pyramid) that will do better than they did last year, whether they get on stage or not.  Mary Kay wouldn’t have been doubling dollars at the last minute if there weren’t a problem.  I really believe so many women are questioning all that is happening in MK and we should expect a tidal wave at PT after seminars.  They will be the walking wounded just like we were and will need support.  We/they are lucky we have that type of community available now.


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