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Pink Truth – It is the right place…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 1, 2007

Pink Truth – It is the right place… 

The heartache and despair I read about everyday at Pink Truth humbles me.  For so long I thought my Mary Kay consultant story was the typical story.  More and more I find that the ladies who became directors (or tried) are the ladies that have suffered the most and are typical stories.  There are too many stories of too many women who have trusted in a company that is based on emotions, dreams, and half-truths.  Don’t believe me, what about their latest carrot dangling incident…double credit for June?

Mary Kay Corporate was supposed to be saving everyone by giving double credit during June (the last month of the Mary Kay year).  But what they were really doing is throwing everyone a bone because so many women weren’t ordering enough products that would allow them to be on stage at seminar.  After all, what is seminar without all those women walking across a stage?  Not much, huh?  So there MKC goes again, dangling another juicy carrot for YOU to work harder to get more ORDERS so that maybe you or your director or NSD can walk across the stage because of all the ordering or recruiting that was done. 

If you are war torn after the latest emotional roller coaster Mary Kay has put you through then Pink Truth is the right place to seek healing, knowledge and truth to pick up the pieces. 


We don’t have an immediate fix, but just realizing the truth is HUGE!

We have women who:

have been where you are and are getting their life back;

will listen and support you;

will share with you how they are coping;

will make you laugh when you feel like crying;

will tell you what happened next for them;

will tell you what mistakes they made and how they fixed them;

will understand YOU and where MK has lead you;

will just listen when you need to let off steam.

There are very smart, very talented, creative women who come here to support other very smart, very talented, creative women who were trusting and believed all the half-truths about Mary Kay as a career and making money only to be lured into a cult and pyramid scheme.

There is no shame in trusting others, believing in yourself or doing what you thought was right. Once your eyes are open it is easy to see what MKC is all about, not always so easy when you are lead by those that are less than honest or are blinded to the truth themselves.

There is everything human in making mistakes and everything heroic in trying to correct them, learn from them and moving on to higher ground! Let’s do it together! Together makes it much more fun!

Pink Truth is the right place…come join



4 Responses to “Pink Truth – It is the right place…”

  1. Mercedes said

    Hey DebiUnpinked
    Just wanted to let you know that I miss you on Pink Truth. Thank goodness I had your blog bookmarked when I first found it through PT. I still visit here and enjoy reading. Stopping by to say hello.

    (f.k.a. Miss Periwinkle)

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Hey Miss Periwinkle, Miss Mercedes!

    I’m so glad to hear from you! I sent you an email. I’m in prayer that things will turn out well and your health is better than ever!

  3. Mercedes said

    Me again margaret,

    My diagnostic came back clear-yippee! I don’t think my health is better than ever just yet-hehe. I am still working on a few things-cholesterol=261-ouch. I got your email. Thanks for your concerns and prayers. I am changing doctors as we speak. Keep up the great writing! 🙂


  4. thecanvasgrey said

    WHEEEEEHOOOO! I’m so happy to hear that GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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