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Are we running AMUCK?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 22, 2007

This may be old news to some but absolutely NEW news to others, especially my regular readers.  Click the link below to see what has been going on for decades, what the glamour media thinks we need to live up to…even gorgeous women like Faith Hill.

Are we so amazed that we are manipulated to this degree?  Why oh WHY would someone need to completely change the way she looks anyway?  

 Mainstream media is in for a big hit as independent reporters tell the tale of fabrications, “photoshop of horrors” and manipulation.  The internet is birthing a new media that will bring more truth tellers to the forefront.  Public awareness is paramount as the mainstream media becomes muddy with more commentary than news and agendas that push “their brand” of news to the front page. 

The hollywood drama is fast becoming the mainstream media’s new darling (anything for ratings ya’ll).  Will pretend agendas and wars be far behind?


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