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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 17, 2007


Open letter to my girlfriends (yes, it includes you, Mom and Lil Sis)!

This, in part, is an email I sent to a girlfriend that started me thinking about girlfriends and how important they are to me. Names are changed to protect the guilty!

Dear Girlfriend:

Again I have to apologize on several levels!!!  First, my phone was MIA and I didn’t hear it ring.  Big rant:  The people I live with gather up things in heaps and dump it on my desk; hence the phone was at the bottom of the heap so I didn’t hear it ring.  And then I get mad at MYSELF when I can’t find something!  ARGH!  I was with YoungSon last night because he was sick.  I don’t know if it was dinner, a bug or what.  He ate very little breakfast but is eating a decent lunch.  He seems like he feels better now.  So I get up this morning and wonder if you were just tired and didn’t call last night or what and then went searching for the phone.  Found it, listened to the message and turned on the computer to email you an apology about last night…that was at 7:30 am this morning, it is now 12:40pm.  I’ve already had to stop typing three times to do something “urgent” for YoungSon.  It is no wonder I lose my train of thought and can’t think of words sometimes.  Have I gotten anything done during the FIVE hours since I STARTED to email you???? Of course, but it is never enough and the only thing I’ve kept doing with any consistency is laundry.  ONLY because there was puke all over our quilt, sheets, pillows, etc. from last night. I sound and feel a little like an adult with ADD … one thing to the next to the next and then middle aged memory kicks in and OH YES…that email to Girlfriend!  I’m trying to keep the kids busy today because the yard is SOAKED from last night.   All night thunder boomers, BigBoy screaming for ear phones, YoungSon puking, Hungry Hubby grouching because of lack of sleep then snoring loudly and me staying up until 4am because of the lovely phase of menopause I’m in!!!!  I’m punchy, sore from sitting/laying on the dilapidated couch all night and I don’t have chocolate in the house!   ***SCREAM***  I really appreciate your understanding about life’s craziness.  Hungry Hubby is working tomorrow so I’m taking that as a cue to stay here and get some overdue chores DONE instead of spending the day at BG or WC!  The kids can just get cabin fever and that is the way it will be!  HA!  I will try you tonight and if not I’ll try until I get you! 

Love you AND appreciate you!!!!! CG

Note to readers:  Yes this is one big run on sentence in a run on paragraph because, baby, that is LIFE these days!

This particular girlfriend is one I talk trash with (literally on our last visit we sat and talked through the hole in a trash receptacle).  We laugh alot.  Her sister is a girlfriend too and believes that scaring the bejessus out of her friends is the way to health and happiness!  Honestly, screaming as if in death’s grip during thrill rides promotes (she believes) health for those of us recovering from surgery.  I laughed so hard I thought I’d never come up for air.  I think she is right.

I’ve posted this because I know all you women understand.  You understand that a man writing the same email above would say the following:

Dear Jock,

Try to call you later.  No sleep last night cause the kid puked all over me and I had to get up out of bed while WailingWoman changed the sheets.

Sincerely, Dude

See…that’s why I appreciate and dedicate this post to my GIRLFRIENDS!  Girlfriends always GOTCHABACK!


5 Responses to “Gotta Have GIRLFRIENDS!”

  1. Teresa Evans said

    Well said! Run on sentence??? I must have missed it!!! Sounded perfect and made sense to me! 🙂
    I love and miss you!

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  3. Mercedes said

    WOW! Sounds like my life~daily! LOL!


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