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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 31, 2007

For many women staying at home is a priority for various reasons.  No matter your reason for wanting or needing to stay at home there are plenty of things to do that can help fill the gaps!

Here are some web resources to get you started whether you want to stretch a dollar or make a dollar!

For those that are looking to get organized, save money and make your dollar stretch:    Get organized, tips to make it work with less stress  Stretch your dollar, living simply living  Stretch your dollar, deals, coupons, freebies  Preview Sunday newspaper coupons  Freebies, coupons and more  Play your coupons more wisely  Coupons, samples Find the lowest gas price in your town and fill up!

For those that are looking to work from home, network or start a business (beware MLMs or anything that requires payment for information or products):

**Added 11/23/07** Assisting college grads with PT work!  Virtual Assistant Networking Association  Ebay Trading Assistant  Documents for starting a business  Stay At Home Moms connect locally to network  Work At Home Moms Job Board


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