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Mary Kay isn’t for me so WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 4, 2007

Whether Mary Kay was your main source of income, shoe money or a hobby you’ve got extra time to think about what comes next and how that time gets divided! 

Thinking about what you enjoyed about doing Mary Kay cosmetics could give you some clues for your future pursuits. 

If you enjoyed – then you may like:

Receiving inventory, counting, unpacking, organizing, ordering –   postal or delivery companies, purchase and supply positions, professional organizer, bank teller or gaming position, some factory positions.

Selling, recruiting, advertising, investigating, public speaking – retail sales, human resources, media positions, funding or grant work, non-profit positions.

Computer processing, PCP, client cards, spreadsheets, taxes and paperwork  – most office positions, clerical, accounting, communications positions, processing positions, healthcare clerical positions.

These are a few things to jump start your thought process and help you realize that life after Mary Kay may be a bit daunting but can also be fun to think about!

Another thing to consider now:  This is the PERFECT time to incorporate your passion into your work life.  If you’ve been like many of us, you’ve directed your life around the money you can make instead of making money from what you love.  Think about that; are you passionate about cooking, crafting, writing, reading, nurturing, teaching, learning, computing…whatever it is try to find a way to get paid for doing it or at least incorporate it into your thought process as you begin the next step!

Just time on your hands, give it to others!

Giving to others is also giving to yourself!  Some research has suggested this boosts your mental AND physical health.  Deep down we know this has to be true because we all get a smile on our face when someone understands what we are talking about.

If you need to fill some time there are many, many charities, hospitals and nursing homes that would LOVE for you to volunteer your time.  Why not use your left over Mary Kay lotions to soothe some frail hands as you talk or make someone feel pretty again?  What about the elderly in your church that would love some company?

Your local elementary school can ALWAYS use volunteers for anything from reading to little ones to grounds maintenance, just ask!

Animal lovers can spend time nurturing animals back to health or volunteer at the local shelter.  If you have a pet, build them an obstacle course and treat each other to some fun!  No pet…build an obstacle course for the local squirrels to figure out!  Be sure to add the nuts as a reward!


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