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Mary Kay Ash – Role Model and MORE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 6, 2007

I am relating fact and some observations about another human being who was a public figure,  held up to others as a role model and more.  The part I have a problem with is the AND MORE.

Mary Kay Ash was a woman (fact).  She started something that would make her money (fact).  She knew about MLMs or direct sales because of her Stanley background (fact).  She named the company after herself (fact). She was involved in Mary Kay Corporation into the 1990s (fact).  She was a saleswoman who sold products to the consultants, sales directors, all the way up to the national sales directors (fact). 

Anyone (including me) can spin any of the stories of Mary Kay Ash into whatever yarn they want because everyone has a perspective.  Many women in Mary Kay cosmetics claim to have known her.  Maybe most only got a glimpse of her and what she wanted to portray to others…her image.   After all she was an excellent saleswoman. 

By most accounts Mary Kay Ash was a strong, smart woman.  She knew that she was admired and upheld as a role model to many, many women during four decades.  She was a normal human being and mom who wanted to survive and when she survived she wanted to thrive and on and on up the ladder of success.   She had power and she knew it. 

So Mary Kay Ash was a woman who did what she needed to do to feed her family and succeed in a male dominated world.  I can admire her for that.  I can’t fault her for wanting to name the company after herself because she made it work!  So far I would recommend her as a role model even if I don’t agree with her avenue of choice, an MLM. 

So what is my point?  Most people outside of Mary Kay cosmetics don’t know about the carefully crafted culture.  The women in pink, you know the power of pink.  I can’t pretend that I have a clue how or when it started but I can say that it is promoted throughout the organization.   In my opinion it isn’t a culture, it is a cult. 

Did you know that some women in Mary Kay cosmetics go as far as to use the WWMKD?  Asking “What Would Mary Kay Do?” along the lines of WWJD? “What Would Jesus Do?”  Some women repeat the words of Mary Kay as one would relate a scripture from religious text.  Some women pull religious text out to apply guilt and/or manipulate their down-line into ordering product or recruiting other women. 

Like it or not there IS a pink cult-ure, a girls club, where words like elite or exclusive are used to manipulate other women emotionally and mentally;  where women at the top are upheld as “Keepers of the Dream” and they are the women who are doing it the “right” way.  Those same women tell others NOT to talk to people outside or listen to what others say (classic cult sign).

PLEASE don’t believe me, look at information about cults and use it as a guide to determine if YOU think there is a cult there.

Keep your mind, your eyes and ears open because you can’t learn with them shut AND always question what you don’t understand!

Interested in learning more visit  or any of the links listed to the right to help get you started. 


4 Responses to “Mary Kay Ash – Role Model and MORE”

  1. Colleen said

    There is a pink culture but there is a culture in ALL jobs!! I like your board because it it thought provoking and some of the things you say are true. I like MK and I think they have a wonderful product and while there are some shady people in the company (and I have seen them in all companies) I think the reputation of the product speaks for itself. I dont deny any of the experiences some of the women have had (debt, manipulation,etc..) but it goes on everywhere.

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Thanks for your comment and compliment about the blog.

    I agree with you completely Colleen, there is culture in many other places. I guess after learning the truth about how the REAL money is made I was stunned that so many women in Mary Kay (which I thought was enriching other women’s lives) are using other women by not explaining it exactly until we’ve spent some money and time in MK.

    Many “home based businesses” like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc. are not scrutinized throughly because it is usually a friend or family member that gets you involved. The bond and trust is already there and many are blind to how MLMs really work. I want women to be informed before they make decisions to “invest” in a “reputable” business based on trust in what a family or friend is telling them.

    Because ignorance is bliss to those who PROFIT by it.

    Canvas Grey

  3. Casey said

    as I have stated in previous posts…. I love MK and it has blessed and enhanced my life in so many ways. It also saved me financially when I was in between jobs.

    Mary Kay was an amazing woman…….
    Do you, the canvas grey, really believe that she has done more positive than negative.

    I encourage you to read what the American National Business Hall of Fame says about her since she was Inducted into this prestigious group.

    MK is also one of the only companies that is completely DEBT FREE. If you could list me at least three companies as big as MK that hold this same AMAZING accomplishment….please post them.

  4. Casey, thanks for your thoughts. Wish I had the time to answer your question but don’t. I have a fantastic job and work from home. I hardly have time to post new items at my blog or chat with my blog buddies. I get paid for every moment I work. I don’t have to think about work when I’m not working…it is fabulous. That must be the type of person I am. As long as you are happy at what you do, it is all good. I will say I don’t go around defending my employer though. I really don’t understand why someone would feel the need to defend Mary Kay and the products… maybe you can help me with that puzzle. I don’t ever see people who sell Avon or even Amway stuff defending stuff but maybe I don’t get around cyberspace enough. Peace.

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