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You Say POTATO and I Say PO-TA-TOE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 16, 2007

 Are we saying the same word?  Are we talking about the same thing?  Are we talking about semantics?  Are we splitting hairs?  Are we beating a dead horse? 

These days it seems that everything is being polarized to add to the drama of life. The only issues that are discussed are those that spark emotion, invoke yelling and only ONE person can be RIGHT (or at least those fueling the fire insist this MUST be so). 

As if wars, famine, hurricanes, earthquakes, plane crashes, fires, disease and other disasters weren’t enough drama; as if a real life little girl or boy living in fear isn’t enough drama; as if caring for a parent who’s health is failing or the death of a loved one isn’t enough drama.

We need even more so we have pretend drama to turn to: as if daytime soap operas, night time crime dramas and the ever popular reality series isn’t enough drama; as if theater, stage and playhouses didn’t invent enough drama. 

That folks…is a lot of drama in life!   And yet some people must have more; someone somewhere must know about the intimate details and “drama” in the lives of the actors/actresses (who make pretend drama) AND in those that report the REAL drama because apparently there just isn’t enough drama to go around these days.

Stop and think about it, most of television is now about drama.  Whether it is the real news about some type of real drama OR a drama show about a pretend drama OR a pretend drama about a real drama (reality shows, oh come on, we all know they are complete drama kings and queens).

Okay, my questions about this are:

Does it seem to you that words like debate, democracy, doing what is best for the majority, helping one another are out of fashion? 

Does it seem that agreeing to disagree in polite company is putting people to sleep because they are bored? 

Are we serving purposes by adding to division when we fuel the fire by buying, watching, selling, listening, partaking in the malady that is fed to us by all comers? 

Are we creating a world that wants to be entertained? 

What does it say about our culture, our future and our children’s future?

Has the media successfully created a society that is driven by greed for more commercial products, voyeurism, and drama?

Am I beating a dead horse? 

Let’s see what happens next….TO-MA-TOE 


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