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Autism and Gluten Free Diet Is this a cure?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 22, 2007

 A CURE?  No, not in every situation BUT keep in mind that some people have stomach and bowel problems and others have a disease (which may be genetic) called Celiac.  With Celiac disease glutens harms the villus in the small intestine which causes a lack of vitamin absorption or none at all.  This begins the cycle of malnutrition and can be linked to developmental issues, obviously.  

It could be that many doctors are diagnosing children with Celiac disease as autistic (or on the spectrum) and then when the diet is changed the children improve and are deemed cured.  It is possible that autistic children could have a variation of this disease and that removing the gluten helps.  Whatever the reason, if your child is not making developmental strides or you deem something not right it certainly CAN NOT HURT to try a gluten free diet to see it your child’s nutrition is playing a role in their development!

Doctors don’t know everything about everything, which is why they are in “practice.”  It benefits EVERYONE to do research and share information to help the doctors find out what is happening.  We need to find the patterns.  Taking an active part makes us stronger and benefits our kids and their kids and so on.

Also consider allergies to foods that may be triggering developmental problems.  Not everyone can tolerate anything and everything ingested in whatever qualities they desire or believe they need.  We know there are people who can’t tolerate any peanuts or milk; there can be variations in the scale of no tolerance versus complete tolerance. 

For more information on Celiac disease see this link:

Nutrition:  or

Let’s be engaged and connected so we can help doctors find out what is happening and help one another, our children and our grandchildren!!!


3 Responses to “Autism and Gluten Free Diet Is this a cure?”

  1. swami2300 said

    Very helpful. being on a diet is not just about weight loss, the number of people today who have dietary allergies has gone haywire!

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    When researching something else I found this clip at about Celiac disease. This clip may be up a limited period of time.

  3. We’ve seen some good results from a gluten-free diet, but not in every case.

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