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ALERT! Major Paradigm Shift Occurring!!!!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 1, 2007

This morning I was sorting through some items for a volunteer position.  I had the boob tube on THE VIEW because they have Whoopi now.  I love her because she makes me think AND laugh, a great combination.    

Chris Mathews was on talking about how he believes that politicians are smart because they are people who don’t make anything or do anything except raise money and make policies for other people to follow.  I liked that (chuckle).  Then Mr. Mathews points out that politicians ask for and get money from people who are accountable to them (the politician).  Okay, let’s review that carefully because this paradigm shift blew me out of the water.  Another way to say it is:  Politicians don’t “owe” those that contribute or vote for them anything.   The ladies jumped on it and asked how this could be.  Mr. Mathews went on to say that people who give something to someone have basically passed on their power to the person to whom they have given something.

Difficult to completely comprehend that isn’t it?  Mr. Mathews pointed out that most of us have the mindset of an accountant thinking a campaign contribution holds the politician accountable to us.  However, this isn’t true because basically WE are indebted to the politician because we gave/paid them our money/trust.  In other words, I’ve got mine and forget about yours or what you THOUGHT I said/promised/did/going to do, etc.  You’ve just given me your power.

That is the second time THIS WEEK I’ve heard this perspective.  I’ve heard this here and there for years but thought that perspective is for idiots.  Now, I’m not young and I know the ways of the world ain’t always so great.  But if the paradigm shift like this is coming we are ALL in trouble.  I much prefer the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” philosophy of life.  At least there was some responsibility and accountability there. 

Are we really going to spin stuff so out of control that our new version will be “you scratch my back, and then turn around as I kick your ass while you walk away?”  Oh, I forgot to add that “I have no accountability for what you’ve done for me, paid or given me!”  Doesn’t this sound like a teenager before they mature, look around at the world and realize what wonderful parents/guardians and up bringing they had?  Doesn’t this type of thinking remind you of spoiled, have it alls that just take and take and take?  Aren’t these people usually considered sociopaths or evil?

So where are those young, “going to change the world” kids from the 60’s who did drugs, love-ins, sit-ins, protests, riots for change against the establishment?  Oh, they ARE the establishment now…and this is the paradigm they are establishing? 

Perspectives, they are funny things aren’t they?  Lately it seems everyone has become a pro at spinning things, manipulating paradigms, inviting different perspectives so be ready to stand on your head and view things from a ridiculous angle.

Excuse me while I walk outside and lay down in the street for a completely different perspective!


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