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Autism – The Great Debate

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 5, 2007

Here we go again.  Just when I get a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step about autism getting some publicity; the ugly debate about who is right and who is wrong and who is a good parent and who isn’t rears its UGLY head again. 

I’ve taken several days to scan the blog ban and here, yet again, come the fights, the unhappiness and finger pointing at who is at fault and who is going to find a cure, who is a better parent, yada, yada, yada. 


We are engaged, we are communicating, we are reaching out, we are all learning, we are doing the best we can and sitting in judgment of one another serves no good purpose except to divide.   We need to work TOGETHER with each other, parents, siblings, doctors, scientists, government agencies, etc.

Everyone is different, with different skills and abilities, different finances, differing family dynamics, different ways of understanding what all the findings are to date about autism and the spectrum.  

I guess I’m more about finding groups of people who want to discuss what has worked for them in a given situation in a supportive setting.  I’ve done all the research stuff too.  All the stuff out there about what causes autism and what some believes cures it.  Did you know there are support groups of autistic people who truly believe that they are the next link in evolution?   Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t but that’s not my concern.

I’m more concerned about living with autism, embracing my son for the wonderful person he is and helping him cope in this world.  Just as I am about my other son, they will just be learning the world differently…to the tune of their own drummer, if you will.

I trust my son’s neurodevelopmentalist (who is an awesome doctor) to alert me when there is a “cure.”  In the meantime, my youngest is a chatter box and helps me engage big brother!  I’m more interested in them bonding for a lifetime!



2 Responses to “Autism – The Great Debate”

  1. What a wonderful mom you are! Bless you.

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Thanks FW. The internet is a great source and link for us moms. As much as I love my kids, it is nice to connect with other moms and adults in general!!

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