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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 11, 2007

 A friend of mine found a link about hyperlexia that I didn’t have and I was very glad to get it.  Maybe I have it and don’t remember it.  Guess I need to search the web more and update my huge list!

Some things I’d like to say about the information at this link.  Our experience has been “text book” except for the “normal” development to 18 months.  I knew my son was extraordinary very early on by his manner.  I knew he understood some of what we said because his skills with words and numbers were very apparent before the age of one.  He would come to me, point at a number and I would say it, then the next then the next, same with words and I would point to the pictures and his eyes would light up and he’d clap.  That type of behavior (to some) wouldn’t fall into the descriptions of the autism spectrum. 

I was very surprised to see that some may consider this a non-autistic disorder.  All anyone has to do is be around my son to know that this is a spectrum disorder and how incredibly wonderful and special he is in his own way. 

We are blessed with an excellent neurodevelopmental doctor who knew just where he fell on the autism spectrum.  The hyperlexia is a strength we had been building on from the beginning and is serving him well. 

For information about what to look for:

I think concentrating on and developing our STRENGTHS leads us to HIGHER places!!!


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