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Cahoots or Conspiracy?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 19, 2007

Ok, maybe I’m out of the loop, just didn’t look down enough Google pages or the right questions


It is completely obvious to me that the legacy to end all legacies is taking shape and no one is writing about it.

Let me walk through my thinking here to see if I need to be lauded for genius, reconnect the dots or placed into a mental institution.

Do we have some political families playing duck, duck, goose with power?

While the rest of us are running around trying to prove who is politically correct…right or left or left of right or right of left over easy…some very smart, very rich, very powerful, very political families are planning their legacies.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Yes, I know people are writing about this…but why is everyone leaving it there? 

Let’s see…

George Herbert Walker Bush

William Jefferson Clinton

George Walker Bush

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

Chelsea Victoria Clinton 

Okay, throwing Chelsea in there was a bit much.  But is it far-fetched, let’s do a quick review of what has already happened:

2000 election the Supreme Court okays W. as the next president with FL (Jeb territory) in question.  HMMM? 

2003 pre-election year Hillary Clinton decides not to run.  WHAT?  We all know/knew she wanted to be president when Bill was in the White House.  We know she has the brass to challenge any opponent.  HMMM? 

2004 election a thin win for W. and didn’t he have all the confidence in the world…even in 2000…what did HE know?  HMMM?

2005 Former rivals and now formal presidents get together to form the  HMMM?

2005 hurricane season Jeb Bush is beloved and held up to all as a great leader but declines to run for president in 2008.  HMMM?

2007 pre-election year Al Gore gets the Nobel Peace Prize actually sharing it with the very people who’ve been doing all the work.  Come on…that was a “give me or I’m telling” consolation prize!  Why isn’t he running in 2008? HMMM?

So while political pun dents, spinners, media, et. al. fling us from right wing to left wing; our bird of prey is so busy trying to remain aloft that her eyes can’t focus with the precision they once did.

WHAMMY between the eyes; fast forward:

2008 election Hillary Clinton is the first woman president that is married to a former president. 

2016 election Jeb Bush is the first president to have had a father and brother who have both been presidents.

2024 election Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the first daughter of the first family of presidents. 

So no matter which family you happen to belong to those are some nice legacies to leave in the annals of history.  

Politics DO make STRANGE bedfellows!

I’m  Stuck In The Middle With You!

Update November 26, 2007

***Oprah will campaign for Obama*** 

Update December 2, 2007

***Rove leaves the kiss of death for Obama making the way easier for Hillary to soar!  Do you really think he is trying to HELP Obama?  Funny that Rove writes this shortly after Oprah’s announcement.***

Cahoots or Conspiracy Deux

Cahoots or Conspiracy Part Trios

Steelers Wheel


4 Responses to “Cahoots or Conspiracy?”

  1. Great post! I love conspiracy theories and this song. I remember this song from the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Hey FW! My eyes popped open when I read that you remembered this song. I knew you could hardly be old enough to remember this song’s original version…which **cough** I am **cough** HA! Then I looked up the 1992 movie. <> Have a great day!

  3. LOL! I thought you would get a kick out of that. I am having a great day, and I hope you are too!

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