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Autism and the Amish Revisited

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 29, 2007


Autism and the Amish Revisited

 Recently at the Y I picked up a free copy of Chiropractic Wellness ( with no indication on the cover that an article about the aforementioned was within the pages.  The article has great points but most of which are not new ( 

I started wondering if many are jumping onto the Autism “band wagon.”   If their intentions are good then I say come right ahead and jump in there.  Keep it in the forefront for everyone to see so we can, at the VERY least, know how and why autism is on the rise and promote awareness.  I certainly wonder if all the childhood vaccines are playing a role but I’m not certain that is all there is to it.


 My main objective in discussing autism is that mothers become aware of the signs so they can be as proactive in their child’s care as possible. Early detection can possibly lead to great things because the development of their brain both physically and mentally is rapid in the first few years of life!



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