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From a “Think Tank” with LOVE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 3, 2007

I’d like to know who pays these think tank  people and how much they get paid…because DUH! (Please refer to the link to read their newest LOVE letter to us). 

First we all know that the climate, weather, Mother Earth…she is a changin’ and HELLO…always has and always will be whether we are here to measure it or not. 

For some really ODD reason we humans think we can change things and ONLY good will come of it.  The recent Georgia/Florida lack of water saga has gone on for years and reminds us to divert thy neighbor’s water so thou shalt keep animal species from extinction!  Then there are the years we have too many big snows or too much rain **big sigh** we are just too busy now to let things like hurricanes, droughts, wild fires, earth quakes or any other force of nature get in our way of commerce, fun or trying to fix Britney!!!

Some where along the way we’ve figured we are SMARTER than mother nature and need to “save” everything, preserve every animal, dig up every bone fragment, keep rivers in line, fix the beaches; or change it to suit us by building anything we can engineer ANYWHERE we want and there is absolutely no ying for the yang. 

Hey, Chicken Little, is the sky REALLY falling?  Or have we been so busy making our way in the human fight for survival that we forgot that everything we’ve ever done on earth has had an impact on us as much as we’ve had an impact on it.  The seas rise and they fall, there have been ice ages before and there will be again (even after the next celestial body smashes into earth). 

Do we really know enough about the cycle of life to know which species should live and which should die?  I thought that was nature’s job or the Creator’s job, ya know, someone important like that.

Mother Earth won’t be putting up with all that AND a bag of chips!  She’s been squashing the chips for quite some time and will continue until the balance is in HER favor. 

Just hope I’m not one of the chips she wants to squash!

I’m done now. 😉


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