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MEG Could Help Unlock Autistic Minds

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 3, 2007


There has been quite a bit of buzz about pediatricians learning the early signs of autism so it could be detected around the age of two.  I could go into a long winded discussion about how it is ABOUT TIME…but I won’t TODAY!  😉

Doctors may be learning another way of detecting exactly what is or isn’t going on in the brain as it relates to autism or spectrum disorders.  Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is showing doctors what works or doesn’t work in the autistic brain (our beautiful grey canvas).  The child discussed in this article is similar to my son so I’m interested in how this may develop.  

There is no doubt we are making strides and learning about this mysterious issue.  I still think we have a very long, long way to go.  This science is still in an infancy of sorts; we may be trying to uncover something that could be as unique as each of us. 

I’m just glad that the awareness factor has increased 10 fold since the Jenny McCarthy declaration of “cure” debacle unfolded.  I THINK she has meant well however I’ve read some other moms aren’t so happy about it, AT ALL. 

If you have young children please make yourself aware (in general) of milestones they should be hitting and checking out unusual behaviour as early as possible.  I am truly convinced that early intervention can only HELP! 


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