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Mary Kay Scandal? Updated

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 7, 2007

Mary Kay scandal rocks bus garage

Click the link above to read about the scandal. 

This is an employee abuse in which Mary Kay was the product used.  Employers should know that many employees spend “on the clock” time to disperse catalogs, collect money and distribute products and “opportunities” for OTHER types of MLMs (multi-level marketing). 

While it seems harmless to do school fundraisers or sell make up or home decor, et. al. it DOES take time away from an employer unless it is done during “off the clock” time. 

Having been in HR for years I saw more than a few people be reprimanded for abusing their “on the clock” time climbing the MLM ladder.


From another article on this same incident (Charleston Gazette):   

“Also Monday, board members terminated four employees who had worked at the Elkview bus terminal. They are: Ladonna Darby, Norma Jean Robinson, Reba Jones and Sheri Painter.

The firings are related to an investigation into overtime violations at the bus terminal. The employees had been suspended without pay since August.

Nancy Bowen-Kerr, a former supervisor at the Elkview terminal, approved some employees’ overtime so they could pay back tabs owed to her for Mary Kay cosmetic products, a county school official said in May. Bowen-Kerr resigned in June.

In July, school board members also approved Joan Painter’s resignation. She was a bus driver stationed at Elkview.

The overtime is believed to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, school officials have said. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has investigated the allegations.”

I saw this repeatedly in the banking industry.  Good people getting caught up in debt and resorting to stealing, fraud and other criminal behavior.  They justify it in their own minds as “I’m a good person who made a bad mistake or I’ll pay it back or I work hard, the company doesn’t pay me enough.” 

I’m done now. 😉


One Response to “Mary Kay Scandal? Updated”

  1. Mercedes said

    Good Morning!

    My principal will only let me put out catalogs in the workroom. He told me that I can do that, but I can only conduct business before or after work hours. I completely understand that. But, he won’t allow me to “have a party” after school at the school. He says it violates Board rules since it is for profit. I understand that-except he allows certain parents to come in after school and show teachers items they might be selling-such as purses. Things that make you go hhhmmm.

    Have a great day!

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