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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 13, 2007

Autism – Repetitive Behaviors Like Rocking and Flapping


My 9-year-old son flaps when he is happy or excited. Maybe he will invent WARP DRIVE and take us to other galaxies!  YES, I’m serious, he is that smart!  His thing…SPACE!  😉

I’m a Bill Gates fan, have been since I got my first PC.  I used to sit at my PC  for hours playing a game that let me determine if I could make Microsoft profitable (sound OCD to you?). 

Whether my son does something great for humanity, makes a gazillion dollars or neither makes no difference to me as long as he is healthy and happy.  I have a feeling that whatever he decides to do it will be done with intensity and capability.  Labels, smables…LIVE LIFE!!!!!

I can think of all types of socially acceptable forms of flapping and rocking:

Coin jiggling, hair twisting, nail biting, bouncing legs, humming, gum chewing/smacking; lip licking, lip smacking…

What can you think of?


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