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The laundry list of things that MIGHT cause AUTISM

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 15, 2007

The list is generalized.  They are in no particular order.  These are things I’ve read, heard or thought about over the course of seven years.  Some may make you laugh and others you will ponder; Google the words with the word autism to see what you find.

Please feel free to add your own in the comments!

Vaccines – combinations or one or too early in development.

Genetics – mutation, specific combination, defect, mutations from atom bomb detonations.

Virus – measles, unknown brain virus.

Bacteria – unknown bacteria that invades systems either during pregnancy or after birth.

Evolution – a growing number of voices banning together to who believe this is an evolutionary change in our human biology.

Poisoning – Chemical compounds from Teflon or Scotch guard, prenatal vitamins (overdose of a specific vitamin), genetically altered foods and/or artificial sweeteners, chemicals used on crops to control pests, previous use of marijuana, drug abuse. 

Modern Technology – Microwave, electromagnetic, radio waves or electricity or harnessing these energies and concentrating them from tower to tower/home to home, delivery system of water through pipes, plastic compounds, epoxies used in food cans or carpets, building supplies, acrylic dust.

Others – Jaundice prone babies.


11 Responses to “The laundry list of things that MIGHT cause AUTISM”

  1. My mother to this day thinks vaccines caused my brother to be autistic. Who knows? Doing real experiments would be unethical.

    Loving Awareness

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Hi Matthew!

    I think you are correct about experiments being unethical. I do believe more studies should be done. Studies that involve all types of information recorded from previous history to pregnancy to development and diagnosis and into adulthood.

    As for vaccines, there certainly could be some type of correlation between a newborn with a weak immune system being given vaccines.

    How does one go about questioning why these vaccines must be given so early and frequently during the rapid development of a young child? And when was this system last reviewed? When are we “safe” enough from childhood diseases? These questions and more I must answer for myself.

  3. Goldie said

    My son had a knot in his cord at birth and I think maybe that helped trigger his issues as well as possibly caused his speech apraxia. I kept telling them the last couple of weeks he was moving less and they did fetal non-stress tests and said he was fine, but I KNEW something was off. I will never really know the efefects of it. I also think he was pre-disposed to neurological issues anyway. My SIL thinks that maybe there are children who are pre-disposed to possible autism and when they are overloaded by things like vaccines or illness it pushes them over into it. That the cause is NOT the preservatives, which is what the studies have been on, but the actual diseases themselves.

  4. Wow Goldie, that could really make sense (the actual illness), especially if there is a tendency for auto immunity issues with in the family. I’ve lost track but there was a doctor in the Netherlands that was doing studies on a group of autistic children who had the measle virus in their intestines and the only exposure they had was from the vaccine. So that would go along with so many issues. Maybe I should try to research that, it was several years ago.

    I often wonder if our family tree has a lesser version of celiac disease. I test our diets quite a bit and find my son does better with less bread products and bready snacks. He and his brother have been tested for allergies and fall in the normal range. I really think there has to be some type of connection along the line somewhere.

  5. Goldie said

    I read the story of another of the April Autism bloggers who said that her son went to a “happy place” far away after a severe stomach illness and dehydration. I wish I remembered which one she was!!! But there again, a link of ilness and a tiny body getting more than it can handle.

    This woman’s story has a happy ending but still gives me chills…

  6. Thanks Goldie, I’ll go read it right now!

  7. Dr. Laurence J. Bennett, DFM, DPath said

    The truth of the matter is simple, Marijuana has a long list of PERMANENT negative effects on the body (despite the current propaganda to legalize it) In studying the use and affects of this drug for the last 20 years clinically we are learning more and more about it every day.

    Their are some alarming facts about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, The chemical drug in Marijuana) THC stays in your body FOR LIFE, although you may not feels its effects any longer it is still there. When the drug enters you body it attaches to your fat cells, you can only remove it by burning off ALL of the fat cells it has attached its self to that could be some or ALL of your fat cells you have no way of knowing.
    -One specific case study was able to show that 22 years after subject ‘A’ last smoked marijuana we were still able to detect that their was THC in the body in the Adipocyte!

    Studies have shown that subjects exposed as late as one year before pregnancy can show some signs of complications during their pregnancy as common and usually unassuming as slow birth weight development, under weight development in delivered offspring, pregnancy anemia and exaggerated morning sickness along with minimal premature birth (under 4 weeks early) and extended pregnancy (past projected due date by one week or more) THE SHOCKER IS WHAT WE ARE SEEING IN THE DELIVERED OFFSPRING!= Slow mental awareness, these children are usually last to all of the below listed when compared to their peers from parents NOT exposed to marijuana with in one year of conception=properly track with their eyes compared to their peers, motor skills are last to develop compared to peers, speech development, comprehensions and verbalization skills are last to develop amongst their non exposed counterparts, we also see intestinal development slowed down and often times these children are always low on the body weight index for their group.

    IN CASES WHERE EITHER THE PARENT WAS EXPOSED TO MARIJUANA DURING CONCEPTION we see not only the above symptoms but we also see a raised level of anxiety, aggression, anger, and a myriad of developmental & learning disorder.

    In a current study we have been tracking 500 married couples and their children that have been diagnosed with autism. among these 500 study groups we can isolate 42 where the autistic child has also been diagnosed with Aspurger Syndrome here is what we can see so far
    42 Asperger study group= 10 used Marijuana with a gap of 5 or more years (but less than 10) with out use before conception, 12 used Marijuana with a gap of 10 or more years before conception and 20 used Marijuana with a gap of one year before conception.

    It is among the other groups of the Autistic Spectrum outside of Aspergers that we see our most distressing results, In the 458 NON Aspurger cases we have seen the following ……..

    152 groups admitted to the mother using Marijuana less than 10 times during the duration of their pregnancy and or on a “casual” level (defined as once or more per week or more than three times in 30 days) up until their conception
    211 groups admitted to mother using marijuana on a regular basis up until knowledge of pregnancy and either completely refrained from any continuation of marijuana use or used marijuana on a “minimal level” (defined as ten times of fewer during the duration of pregnancy)
    85 groups the mother had NO marijuana activity at all in their lives and NO marijuana activity during their pregnancy
    10 groups the mother had no marijuana activity with in 10 or more years of conception and NO marijuana activity during their pregnancy.

    Another alarming trend that we saw during the study was in the fathers use of Marijuana prior to conception
    229 Of the fathers used Marijuana on ANY LEVEL with in a 3 year period of conception
    112 Of the fathers used Marijuana on a consistent/heavy level (defined as more than 20 times with in a 30 day period usually a minimum of once daily) with in on year of conception
    67 used marijuana with in five years of conception
    50 never used marijuana

    Although this research is early and we have much more to undergo and learn about it is currently very clear that we CAN see a direct link between the use (of any kind) of marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol and the link between Autism in their offspring. We are too infantile in the research to be able to directly diagnoses or presume any developmental disorder in a child from marijuana abusing parents but we can clearly see that the “trend” of a high risk factor among marijuana users is very relevant.

    Dr. Laurence J. Bennett, DFM, DPath

  8. Anonymous said

    o my god

  9. The smart money is on hypertrophy being the driver for autism.

    Mamasatya knows more about it.

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