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Toys from China, lead, autism, connection?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 21, 2007

I’ve been wondering and wondering when I was going to find an article, blog, someone in the media to point out the obvious ….

 AUTISM….TOYS with lead from CHINA…..CONNECTION???????

Ding, ding, ding, ding



Okay, don’t beat up on me…this is a bit of tongue in cheek…but not many out there are writing about this.


5 Responses to “Toys from China, lead, autism, connection?”

  1. Mercedes said

    So what do you think? My thoughts on China right now are really low. They took my mother’s job and hurt innocent pets…Have you read about Jenny McCarthey and her child with autism? I read about it in People Magazine. She did some extensive research and changed his diet and many other things and now he functions like a child without autism…I am wondering if he is Autistic or just falls under the Autism Spectrum-possibly PDD-Pervasive Developmental Disorder?? I wonder if Autism is an environmental issue too-it is getting more and more common-IMO…which is really scary. Not my opinion-well might be..but that Autism is getting more common. Ok-sorry to ramble on-haven’t been blogging or surfing in awhile. Hope you had a great Turkey Day!

    Type to ya later gator!

  2. Mercedes said

    p.s.-Thanks for including me in your blogroll! Much appreciated!

  3. thecanvasgrey said

    Hey Mercedes!

    I think we are just beginning to research what causes autism. For some with autism a change in diet can help but it isn’t what most call a cure. It just seems to me with all the attention on autism and lead in toys from China (which could have been for years)and the claims that some believe that heavy metals are the cause of autism that more would be written on these and how/when connections. Here again, more research needs to be done.

    You are absolutely welcome about the blogroll and thank YOU for including me on yours. You must be a busy little lady of late! 🙂

  4. Mercedes said

    Whew-Now my project is to find all of the toy recalls and make sure I do not have any lead in my toys in my classroom. Do you by chance have any links for this?

  5. thecanvasgrey said

    Yes, I’ve posted the information and also found out yesterday about ASBESTOS found in toys and other household products…this is another reason to buy USA!!!!

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