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Flattery or Jealousy?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 26, 2007

Random thought…so is flattery and uplifting people you care about really just the positive side of jealousy?


3 Responses to “Flattery or Jealousy?”

  1. Personally, I don’t think that admiration and jealousy are the same emotion, but perhaps I would respond to both emotions by flattering the person. I might try to flatter and uplift someone I am jealous of so that I steer my emotion in a positive direction rather than a negative one. If I admire someone I usually let the person know. If I am jealous sometimes I keep the emotion to myself.

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    FW, I think you read my mind!!! I have a wonderful girlfriend who seems to have the wherewithall to DO it all (ala Martha Stewart style)! I’m jealous but I applaud and congratulate her at the same time. So sometimes it feels like it is a combined emotion. I truly am happy that she and her other family members have this inherit ability. They amaze me!

  3. It’s true. There are people in my life that I admire and perhaps put on a pedastal. Actually, I lost a friend because of that. I wasn’t considerate of how she felt about my admiration and I think it was a turn off for her. She apparently didn’t want that pressure (even though I didn’t intend for my words to imply any pressure, she may have felt like she couldn’t let her guard down around me). It’s very sad and I’m trying to learn from my mistake so that I won’t do that again.

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