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Sweet Mystery of Life

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 10, 2007


About a month ago I was cleaning out some papers and cards and found a yellow sticky with a doodle (pictured) I’d done right around the time I got married.  I remember coming up with this which reminded me of Hungry Hubby (figure left) and me (figure right).  Did I mention we met through dancing?  I remember thinking at that time it would be a great symbol for letterhead or a company if we ever started one.  You know all those things you dream about when the future is so bright you need shades. 

So for more than 11 years and six moves I’ve hung on to this little yellow sticky with a symbol of me and he.  I find it and pull it out and stick it up on my desktop to look and think about why I still have it and if I want to keep it.   

I’m looking at it and I start seeing things.  I saw a J, which happens to be the first letter of Hungry Hubby’s given name.  I saw a C which happens to be the first letter of Young Son’s given name.  I saw an A which happens to be the first letter of Big Boy’s given name.  Big Boy looks more like Hungry Hubby and the larger portion of the A is on the J side.  Young Son looks like Big Boy with some of my looks and the C hangs off the A with a small curve at the top (which is my side of the symbol).  I also see the first letter of our last name. 

HUH?  I know, I know, I can still hardly believe it myself.  I’m a bit dumbfounded by this.   

Will someone PLEASE tell me what happened here?  Is it precognition?  Pattern recognition?  Spiritual discernment?  Reaffirmation?  A sign?  Coincidence?  What? How could this have happened?  How could I have held on to something like this for so long?  What made me pull it out to look at NOW?

Anyone?  Anyone?

One Response to “Sweet Mystery of Life”

  1. thecanvasgrey said

    And I haven’t been hitting the sauce…although I think I might start soon!!!!! 😉

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