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How far is the leap?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 15, 2007

Mad TV – Zoloft commercial parody


2 Responses to “How far is the leap?”

  1. Mercedes said

    Years ago, my doctor put me on Zoloft. Not a medication for me-I immediately stopped taking it after about two weeks-and discussing it with my doctor. That stuff made me crazy! It works for some people-not for me!

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Mer, I’ve tried them all and they don’t work for me either. I think doctors prescribe these as a cure all. In my case I was tired so off into the anti-depressant world I went…trusting that the doctors must know what is wrong even though I kept telling them I wasn’t depressed or unhappy. I became a person I didn’t know and didn’t like until I said enough, I want my life back. Come to find out, I’m anemic, very, very low on iron and we are having a hard time getting my levels up. It burns me up that all those years were wasted chasing something that could have been discovered in a simple blood test. That is another reason why I push for others to advocate for themselves and make their doctors listen or find one that will. It really makes a difference as you know!

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