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The importance of listening to your body

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 18, 2007

I’ve been busy compiling some information to share in the new year about health (since that is when we all think about it, AFTER the big gorgefest) and came across something that is worth a look by EVERYONE.  I’ve got the links to the articles listed.  I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed if you read this information. 

 What your body is trying to tell you:

Hair  (I’d LOVE for my hair to gray like that)

Nails   (I thought I knew about nails…well apparently not everything)

Tongue  (a little tongue hair never hurt anyone)

Urine   (people of middle age…unite!)

Bowel Movements  (MUST READ, especially if you suspect your child has a problem)

Sally Wadyka for MSN Health & Fitness wrote these and did an excellent job.  Quick, consice information about a look at the overall health of your body. 



3 Responses to “The importance of listening to your body”

  1. Mercedes said

    Hello! Thanks for thinking about Patch!
    About my hair-it has been falling out big time-but it started before Patch became ill. I thought it was due to a medication I was taking. Some friends are telling me that I need to get my thyroid checked?? I al have many gray hairs-I blame it on heredity-my dad has been gray all of my life. But I believe maybe it could be stress related too?? It all began when I started teaching seven years ago-lol.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Hey, I read your other post first and then this. I’ve left you some information under your contact stamp. Happiest of holidays to you too! Hope Patch gets better today!!!!

  3. Angie said

    I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

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