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Judy, Judy, Judy! In my memory…always!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 24, 2008

Another loss to cancer, a lovely lady who I’ve always admired.

She was a beautiful woman inside and out. It would be hard to forget so many good times!  I will enjoy her infectious laugh and vitality of life in my memories always. I still cherish the memory box made by Judy and hubby for my graduation (it is on my dresser, it has been ever since).  I’ve enjoyed the company and friendship of their two lovely daughters. 

One of my favorite memories of Judy:

Just after dinner most every night Judy and Mom would set the mood.  Cup of coffee, cigs (they smoked back then), pitch black basement with only the black and white glow of an old TV set.   Suddenly a snowy screen with rows of obscure aliens marched down, down, down.  Dit, dit, dit, dit; dit, dit, dit, dit.  Judy and Mom would become hypnotised.  Complete and full concentration would fill their brows.  The old joysticks with the caps coming off and uncertain response would fly into action.  Feet would fly, lips would pucker, beads of sweat would grow….down, down, down, faster, faster; dit,dit,dit,dit…the aliens would come.  Groans would turn into screams of terror as their tushies danced all over their chair to prevent the inevitable from happening!  Watch out for the flying joysticks, watch out for the wildly swinging cords!  Oh, oh……ohhhhhh shoot!!!! The aliens got to the bottom of the screen!  “Let’s get ’em, Mer!”  she’d growl through clinched teeth and off they’d go on round two, three, four, late into the night.

Judy had one of the most infectious laughs I’ve ever encountered in my life.  I wish I could emulate it!  We would watch them play for hours and hoot and holler with laughter.   Little did I know that this would fuel my enjoyment and passion for a lifetime of gaming.   

Good memories, good times, GREAT WOMAN! 


One Response to “Judy, Judy, Judy! In my memory…always!”

  1. Maddy said

    And a lovely memory.
    Best wishes

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