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An award…who ME???

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 29, 2008

Well I can hardly pass up an award from a friend of mine now can I???

My friend and blogging buddy Mercedes at Mercedes World has bestowed upon me the following award:


Started by Colin

As part of this award, I gather, I must bestow it upon others and so I’d like to award a few of my favorite blogs:

Fighting Windmills for her commitment, thought and kindness to others!

Whitterer on Autism for her wit, wisdom and kind, kind heart!

Hawty McBloggy for her energy, fun and dedication to girls in gaming!

Mother of Shrek for teaching others to view things differently!

Teaching Tommy for sharing your adventure with Tommy!

Each of these women have shared something that has touched my brain, heart, spirit more than a time or two and I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart! 

That goes for you too Mercedes!!!!


8 Responses to “An award…who ME???”

  1. I appreciate it!

  2. Maddy said

    Well thank you so much for thinking of me. I shall hope to pass it on too.
    Best wishes

  3. bs angel said

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I have never gotten a blogger’s award before and I must say, it feels wonderful! 🙂

    And your award is quite deserved, just so you know.

  4. lisa rudy said

    Thanks so very much! You’re very kind, and it means a lot to have your comments on teachingtommy. this is such an adventure we’re on!

    Lisa (;

  5. Casdok said

    Congratulations on your award!
    And thank you for thinking of me!
    Thank you from C and i!!

  6. Mercedes said

    Hey chicadee!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!
    You deserve this award! I love your site (sorry it has been a bit since my last visit) and especially your info on autism!


  7. You all are very welcome and it is well deserved! ***thunderous applause*** I know I’m only one of many that each of you’ve touched in a positive way!

  8. […] “Deb” over at “Canvas Grey” has very kindly given me this award. Thank you “Deb”. […]

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