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WoW Wii Mii Woves Mii Wii

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 12, 2008

sportswii.jpg    Get everyone up off their bum and get one of these!  

We happened to be at Wally World last week in the electronics department when the first shipment of Wiis in three weeks came in (talk about LUCK) and got the last one, they were gone in less than an hour.  We got it for the rock bottom price of $249.99 (yes people are paying much more at eBay and  Even my frugal, cheap fanny couldn’t pass that up.  We’ve been playing on my Super Nintendo from the 1980s.  YES, kids, that’s how cheap I am.  But I’m a Nintendo kid born and raised and Mario is my fav (okay I love Link too). 

Long story short, if you have young ones who love gaming like we do, don’t hesitate and get one.  I don’t know all the particulars but it hooks to your computer and you can download the old stuff.  Plus you can play other people via the net.  This is something I’ll have to figure out after I’m a pro or ace on everything.  ;-0  The most important thing it does is get you off your bottom and into the game. 

Wii comes with Sports which is fun!  Of course I had to get Super Mario Galaxy as well.  After huffing and puffing around on the Sports we sit and play Mario then back to huffing and puffing.  The thing I love about Sports is you can play as actively or as passively as you would like (or can).  So perfect for people who have young kids but aren’t so young anymore!  AND I’ve discovered an old love again TENNIS!!!!  I could play it all day long tho I don’t because of my kids, “MOM, I thought we were supposed to SHARE!”

Check out Hawty McBloggy, my Game Girl Rocks.  Her blog has got tons of stuff about all types of gaming and also about Wii.  Plus you can check out her contests too.  She had a caption contest recently that made me bust a gut.  Yes, I participated and got mentioned too…which is really cool!  She has some very, very, very funny stuff on there so check it out when you think you’d like to move up or over to something different in your gaming sphere. 

At any rate, this is part of my “plow around the stump” thinking for the new year.  I’m not joining them because I can’t beat ’em.  I’m moving around them to something that everyone can live with.  So our love of computers and gaming transfers well to the Wii Sports.  Now I feel like they are getting some activity during the winter months.  

I play it HARD and just can’t beat Hungry Hubby who just bats at it hard and wins.  I’m all over the floor but I win the exercise/hard working award!  I’ve noticed we’ve had more energy this week.  Our steps are lighter and our wind is longer…just image the tip top athletic condition we will all be in by Spring!   ***wink, wink, nudge, nudge***

I’m not done with this ANY time soon!  😉


8 Responses to “WoW Wii Mii Woves Mii Wii”

  1. bs angel said

    Boxing will make you huff and puff in no time! It also makes your arms hurt. Ouch.

    Tennis is my favorite as well. I used to play way back in the day so I enjoy it for that reason alone. When I feel like more of a workout (which is never really) I do jumping jacks in between points. You can fit 8-10 in comfortably after each point. Oh goodness, I am such a geek!

    You can download those old school games via your internet connection. You hook up the Wii the same way you hook up the 360 to play online, then you have access to tons of titles. Beware though, all those games you hated when you were growing up? You will still hate ’em. 🙂

  2. HA! Thanks Angel! I love the jumping jacks idea! I love the boxing one…I beat Hungry Hubby in that one!!!! ***sweet sounding cough*** as I clear my delicate throat! I actually have tennis elbow, which I’ve not had since 19**cough** 😉

  3. My son 4 1/2 year old is a better Wii bowler than I. We have carnaval games which is pretty fun and play ground games.

  4. I know Accountable my 9 year old is getting close to beating me already (in tennis). I think our next purchases will be Carnival, Brain Games and LINK!

  5. Bev said

    WE have had two Sales Competitions at our office.
    After we sell so many lifts of product we get to play
    with others and the winner gets coupons and get a
    chance to win the WII game. I’ve been playing against young men in their thirties (and I’m way older than that) and winning, especially in bowling, and even in baseball.
    What a workout and so much fun and at the office no
    less. Just waiting to play against my grandkids and
    win of course.

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  7. Okay Bev, I want to work with you in YOUR OFFICE!!!!! 😉

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