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Advertisement, For Sale: Commercials, have you noticed?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 13, 2008

Have you noticed the commercials lately? 

Hyundai their new mantra:   Rethink EVERYTHING

Dove   Campaign for REAL beauty, thank you DOVE!

Vaseline Intensive Care  You must see this, it is amazing! I love this type of art.  I tried to find the hands advertising campaign but found this instead.

There is a new one that I just caught a glimpse of recently but I can’t remember the product.  It was different parts of bodies that were of every age and color.  Real bodies with moles and wrinkles…I am amazed!  Tylenol is the product.

Just think of it, everyday people, how we really look, how we really feel…it is amazing!  I’ve never experienced this in my lifetime.  All the images in advertising have been telling me what I should be, what I should want, what I MUST HAVE…

Deprogramming feels good! 


Lest we beware that they are still trying to get our attention, still advertising a product but thankfully from OUR perspective instead of what “they” think we should be!


2 Responses to “Advertisement, For Sale: Commercials, have you noticed?”

  1. Maddy said

    Yes indeedy, warts and all. I think that’s why I prefer British telly to American telly, the people are people not air brushed!

  2. I’ve recently found several British channels online for free. I’ve been watching them. I like their spin on things sometime and I ALWAYS love their accent!

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