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Plowing AROUND the Stump

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 18, 2008


In 2006 we’d removed a VERY old tree in the back yard.  We wondered and wondered how we would remove the stump.  We just left it there eventually putting some potted plants on it.  Within a year it started to decay and last Fall my husband removed it completely with VERY little effort.

So when an email came to me recently (thanks Shawna) it had something about “plowing around the stump” and it really settled in with me.  I’ve always been the jump in and get it done now person.  Work before play, work hard then play hard kinda person.  Ya know the person that can’t rest until the stump is out, roots and all.

So I’m trying to adapt  this “plow around the stump” into my life a bit more.

For example, I’m getting tired of going to the Y constantly to just maintain (losing is a lost cause…for now) my weight.  Especially through the cold and muck of winter (not to mention the flu going around).   So as I’m learning to “plow around the stump” I abandoned our 1980 circa Super Nintendo, pushed my cheap, frugal self to the side and got a Wii to get us off our duffs while enjoying ourselves as a family.  I also got the exercise trampoline…FUN!

My kids are finicky eaters so I’m constantly trying to find ways to get them to eat more variety.  I’d be much happier if they would eat vegies raw or steamed but now that I’m to the point of disguising them by any means necessary.  It doesn’t always work but when it does I’m dancing on the clouds that I found another healthy dish they will eat.  Sometimes that means it comes from a frozen bag or from a can.  Cooking two times a day, seven days a week is a stump I’m more than glad to abandon and plow around!

Inside verse outside play is a stump that is difficult for me to leave alone.  Big Boy has so much anxiety about bugs that the only place he will play is open spaces with few flying insects.  Young Son is all about adventure and the outdoors.  This limits us to the yard since one is in and the other out unless I take them to the park (which I do).  I feel guilty about the days of my childhood when we roamed the wilds.  I’m sure that Mom got so many things done while we learned about freedom (to be more than a few feet from an adult), limitations (not to go too far away) and responsibility (come back at predetermined time, watch out for each other).  But in my world, this isn’t possible.  So I have to compromise, as tough as that is and think of other ways to do these things. 

Finally the stump that has been the most difficult for me.  Connecting with others.  I’m naturally a very outgoing, giving person.  I’ve connected with a few people since moving here eight plus years ago but to be honest, nothing lasting, nothing deep.  All my close friends are physically far away.  We only get to visit periodically.  I’ve been praying for a direction, to imagine how I can remove this stump.  This last weekend God revealed to me the reason why… WHY…which isn’t mine to know or question but He let me in on it all the same!  How blessed am I that I now understand why I’ve been in a type of solitary confinement (girlfriend wise).  I’ve been patient and He is showing me.  I’m so thankful.  So glad I’ve been patient (NOT EASY). 

So now I’m happily plowing around this stump knowing that it isn’t moving…but I AM!


9 Responses to “Plowing AROUND the Stump”

  1. milkinthecloset said

    Wow, what a great post. I totally can relate to your last “stump” regarding connecting with people. This is an area that God is teaching me about, as well. While I don’t share the same circumstances as you, it seems that He is wanting to open an area of my heart that I have been trying to avoid. Thank you for sharing. I pray that you press into God as He reveals Himself to you.

  2. Thanks so much, prayers for you too. It can be difficult but God is good.

  3. momster said

    hello, long time to ‘see!’ I love the stump angle. It is so simple and so very true. Maybe a little like comic strip, Rose is Rose, where Rose has a Just Let It Be tree. She goes and leans against it when things build up to a stressful level. After her time with the Just Let It Be Tree, she is content and seemingly leaves her stresses behind. I too am learning to just let it be; a hard thing to do. Hugs. (I used to be pinkmomster)

  4. Hey Pinkmomster! So glad you came by! I love Rose is Rose! Since I became a mom I put way too much stress upon myself because I care so darn much. 🙂

  5. Angie said

    I love the way you have written about the stump. You seem to have a talent for writing Canvasgrey. It is so true of me. Mercy..

    Do you make up your own receipes for the kids or have you used the books out now about getting them to eat healthy like the Seinfield book? just wondering cuz it is the biggest battle with my grandchildren.Anything that looks or smells healthy, they don’t want it. LOL!

    I moved away for about 4 years and 2 months ago moved back to some familiarity,still there are changes, changes in me and probably them. My Best friend lives in another state but we talk often. I know what you mean about girlfriends, There is a connection that is just, well different and fun!

    I am outgoing but at the same time, very private. Odd, huh? I can talk about anything and everything but rarely about myself in social situations. So close friends are great they see ya with warts and all and like ya anyway.:) -I love people but I don’t know, maybe it was all the moving as I was growing up.

    I am thrilled that God has revealed to you why. That is always a question with us, is it not?

  6. Angie said

    The stump story is what I meant was true of me. I can relate big time.

  7. Angie, I believe we be kindred spirits girl! The feeling is mutual about your writing too. I’m very drawn to what you write about too. It is important and thought provoking! I’m adding you to my blogroll! Thanks again for your kinds words and uplifting my spirit! Deb

  8. Hey CG, one of my neighbors has a machine that grinds up stumps and he put a homemade painted sign in his front yard that say “Stump Grinding.” I think of you now when I see that sign. 🙂

  9. ***cheesy grin*** FW, I think of how much I’d like to live where you all live ALL THE TIME!!!!! REALLY!

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