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Inspiration CAN lead to perspiration

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 8, 2008

I was inspired by a post at Hawty McBloggy’s place. I really got stars in my eyes when I saw these cupcake toppers.  I thought to myself, the kids would go CRAZY over something like this.  With stars blinding me I remarked I was going to try my hand at the fondant cupcakes.  Then Ms. McBloggy responded with the request for pictures.  Now I HAD to do them! ha!  Yes, it is the gamer in me.

Anyone who has been reading here knows we are really into our Wii.  Super Mario Galaxy is especially gorgeous and spectacular so I wanted to theme my cupcakes after it.  My theme is “Mario Dreams.”

So out I go to get the stuff.  First on the list white fondant.  I know, I know…white…what were you thinking…but hey, I’ve worked with clay, I paint, I’ve watched Food Network’s Ace of Cakes.  No sweat, this should be “a piece of cake” with my credentials.  ***waves of laughter over take my body***  I skipped all the implements that would have cost a small fortune but I did get some awesome color GEL.  I have to say don’t keep buying the old liquid food coloring…get some of this vivid, easy to use gel.  I’ll NEVER go back to liquid. 

I hadn’t anticipated that making a few fondant cupcake toppers would take the better part of  a day.  I hadn’t anticipated how long and how many colors my “vision” would need.  I hadn’t counted on actually producing any sweat.  But I did.


So after six straight hours on my feet I placed them proudly on the table and called in the kids for their BIG SURPRISE!  The response was MUCH LESS than imagined in my head.  ***Isn’t it always that way?***  Oh well, it was an experience.  Did you know that fondant does NOT taste good?  Looks pretty but not so great to eat.  So I wrapped them up to harden and reuse over and over again for decorations.  There is no way in heck I’m ditching them after looking at them ten minutes!  😉

So last night I watched Ace of Cakes and was re-inspired to create something with the left over fondant.  I think I’d like to make a 3 D Mario, Mama, Princess Peach or even Zelda.  One thing is for sure I’m taking one day to mix the colors and the other to actually make/shape the end product. 

So here without further ado are “Mario Dreams.”  Keep in mind it is my first attempt with fondant, I’m old, decrepit and half blind…okay, not decrepit. 


FYI – The number one is the LIFE left for Mario…I’m SURE he has nightmares about THAT! 


***We did it!  Hungry Hubby, Big Boy, Young Son and Wailing Woman (that would be me)did it!  As of this morning, Saturday, March 15, 2008 we reached the end of Super Mario Galaxy.  This was a group effort and each of us has our own game going on but we also had a family game.  The boys were jumping up and down with joy!  It was fun and it has beautiful graphics.  The end is VERY nice!***


9 Responses to “Inspiration CAN lead to perspiration”

  1. FXSmom said

    Wow!! I’m digging them. I could never be that creative!! WTG 🙂

  2. Angie said

    These are awesome! I have never done anything near that good.
    Sure you are not a chef? Seriously they are something. I have never had fondant to my knowledge. Read about it as a suggestion vs frosting for a wedding cake. The writer had said it would hold up better for an outdoor wedding. I guess it is the same thing. 🙂

  3. My chef’s hat is off to you! These are amazing…

    As it happens I have a cooking adventure planned for today, my first attempt at a flourless AND sugarless chocolate cake…please wish me luck!

  4. Wow! I didn’t know there was such a thing. I wish you luck and want to know how it goes! I’m sure it will be great!

  5. I love boo mario! How cute!!

  6. Thanks unbee! He is pretty cute and he was an easier one, plainly. teehee

  7. I should be able to report on the complete results of the flourless, sugarless cake experiment probably by Wednesday.

    It’s in the oven as I’m typing this. The deal is, it has to be REALLY cold (say, sometime tomorrow) before I can put the glaze on. And since I have chorus tomorrow evening, DH and I won’t be sampling it until Tuesday evening. Unless of course a small piece happens to fall off as I take it from the oven here in about a half hour…we can hope, but I’m not going to help this happen either. If it tastes even half as good as the house smells right now, I can wait for the full experience. I think.

    The only issue with this cake is that it’s a recipe for a flourless cake that I’m adapting by using Splenda instead of sugar. Too early to tell yet whether the cake will set up properly.

    I’ll send further updates as they come along…

  8. First report, post oven:

    The cake set up just fine! I’m SO pleased…

    Now it’s been cooled, flipped out of the pan and is now cooling again until time for it to go onto a plate and into the frig to REALLY cool down so the glaze can go on.

    And sadly no, no opportunistic chunks liberated themselves for my sampling pleasure. There was a tiny morsel left on the pan after the flipping but since the pan was liberally dusted in unsweetened cocoa powder, I can’t say for sure if what I was tasting was the true flavor or not. If it is, this is a cake more probably for adult consumption since what I sampled wasn’t very sweet. But that could have been the influence of the cocoa powder so I guess we’ll really have to wait a couple more days to know for certain.

    Until then…

    And BTW, Missy the Cat is wondering what the big deal is here…it’s not like this cake has any fishies in it!

  9. Ha! Oh I envy a person who can experiment with baking. You must be a great cook! Can’t wait to hear!

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