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Unlocking minds…which key fits?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 10, 2008

Or does any one key fit anyone?  Are brain problems just neuro related or are they psycho related or a mixture of both?  How much of the environment plays into it?  The things we eat, drink, amount of exercise, fresh air, good and bad bacteria, inside, outside, upside down…it makes my head spin.  One thing is for sure, we, as humans, are in our infancy when learning about just one area and much less than our infancy as to how they intertwine, relate and what they need from each other to function in a healthy way.

But just for fun this site has some interesting tests for your brain


2 Responses to “Unlocking minds…which key fits?”

  1. angie said

    I get into all kinds of fun quizzes. Looked at these and thought dang, do I really want to know if I need therapy? Don’t answer..LOL! I will go back when more time and probably find the truth.Whoo Hoo, The brain is a marvelous thing, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
    Hope you are having an awesome day.
    Thanks for sharing this site.

  2. HA! They are intense at first glance. I did them just for fun and got just what I suspected…HAHHAHAHA! You have a great one too!

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