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The Truth about Women in Despair

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 12, 2008

I’ve come across another blog via Angie’s blog  named WomanHonorThyself.  Today, she made excellent observations about how downtrodden and depressed so many women are these days.   

As it fizzled in my brain I thought and commented:

It is hard to admit that we women don’t honor ourselves.  But is it easy to see when the evidence is pointed out so clearly.

I remember a commercial that defined/predicted the onslaught of depression in women:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man.  Cause I’m a woman!”

This is expected of us.  Latch-key kids weren’t included in that song…who the heck is raising the kids? 

Our society has been hypnotised by commercial personas that led/lead us to believe/desire what is dangled out in front of us as the “carrot” of life.  The essense of life is to have what the commercials tell us to have because it makes everyone so happy to have it. 

We can turn just about anything from one perspective to another making it sound so terrible or so great.  But the truth is the truth. 

NO ONE… NO ONE… NO ONE has it ALL.  There are some who would argue that statement.  But deep down we all know the TRUTH. 


9 Responses to “The Truth about Women in Despair”

  1. Angel said

    what a nice site!..thanks so much for the visit and wonderful comment!!:)..plz do come again!:)

  2. angie said

    This is so true CG. How many women try to be Super Mom Super Wife Super anything and everything? Meanwhile we are stressed to the max, by then we certainly don’t feel feminine. and wonder why we might be a little down or depressed?

    The kids as well as the whole family unit is paying a price for what has become a given.

    Yes, deep down we know the truth and when the moment of truth comes, I hope we are at a point where we can do something about it.

    Good post

  3. Thanks Ang. I need to do something about it. 😉 Hugs back at ya.

  4. It’s all choice. We choose to be exactly as fulfilled and happy as we want to be. If you are unhappy, simply ask “What am I doing wrong?”

    (Ugh. Believe me, I’m kidding. There’s a lot of that out there though; not quite sure where it’s coming from…)

  5. Angel and Paul thanks for stopping by and please come again.

    Paul, I’m glad to know that some people still believe that we don’t get to choose everything. We can do much and can bring things upon ourselves, no doubt. But most children would not dream of the horrors that happen to them at the hands of KNOWING adults. People are living their lives in physical, emotional, mental pain everyday and they can’t seem to think or dream it away…hmmm

    I find that many people cannot find the balance between two extremes these days. Most of a good life is in the middle between the details and the grandiose. For those who are caught up in the hype of “the world” they hunger constantly, you know constant cravings, or survival of the fittest, or run from death.

    Happiness can dwell with in heartache, disease, depression, death, because I’ve felt it myself or seen loved ones convey it. We do get to choose sometimes, but we oft have others choices forced upon us. So happiness can be a fleeting thing because of circumstance beyond our control.

    It is fun to say this, “Don’t worry, be happy” because it is a comfort and can eventually be.

  6. Mercedes said

    I was a latch-key kid!

  7. Mercedes, then you are truly blessed, you turned out great. Whether it was your wisdom or your parents, not all are fortunate enough to be responsible at a young age. I know some who have children old enough and mature enough others, not so much.

    I see kids walking up and down my street everyday with nothing but time on their hands and no supervision. I’ve witnessed more than one or two drug deals right out side my picture window on the street. These are middle and high school kids, those that I imagine are “old enough.”

    It BREAKS my heart. 😦

    Yes, their parents know…and so it goes. 😦

  8. Mercedes said

    It was most definitely my wisdom! My Mom was an alcoholic when I was a child-she was almost never home-day or night! She has been sober for 16 years now-thank goodness. I pretty much raised my younger brother and myself since I was 10 years old. She kicked my older brother out at the time (he was 14-and went to live with my Dad. Now I am raising my Mom and Dad (they have been divorced since I was 4)LOL! Dad finally got a job last week-he’s been unemployed for almost 2 years! Yippee!


  9. Girl, you are amazing and your parents are so blessed to have you! HUGE HUG!

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