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Why am I tired, sleepy, depressed, not feeling well?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 14, 2008

Forgive me, I’ve been holding this piece for longer than I should have and I know it.   I’ve been gently nudged here and there and I’ve been lax.  I PRAY this reaches the person/people it is meant for because I am well over a two months in posting it. 

First I’m going to tell you I am NOT >>>>NOT>>>>NOT a doctor or nurse. 

I AM telling from my own experience and it is so others can recognize and ASK their doctor to check for this possibility for them.

I’m not going into a lot of boring details but I do want others to be aware of things I was not.  It took me several years of prescription drugs NOT working and one simple test to find out what was REALLY wrong with me.  I don’t understand how my doctors (several) could not have given me a simple test rather than shuffling me through ALL the depression drugs.   I do believe they were trying to help me, I do believe that they get so much pushed at them and in their desire to help they look to drugs maybe a little too often. 

Maybe because I had SYMPTOMS of depression.  So if you seem to have symptoms of depression please ALSO CHECK FOR ANEMIA OR LOW IRON!  
BloodCells in Artery


Many symptoms are the same as depression.   

Other reading:

What is Anemia?

About Anemia and low iron

Consumer Reports (November 2007)  Requip is for restless legs.  But did you know that low iron can cause this????  caffeine???  alcohol????  tobacco???  cold remedies??? even pregnancy??

photo by omghawt


10 Responses to “Why am I tired, sleepy, depressed, not feeling well?”

  1. Mercedes said

    You have already told me this, but it’s a great reminder for me to remember to get this checked at my next Dr’s appointment-with a new doctor, of course.

    I have something for you at my place. Come by and grab it whenever you can.!

  2. Angie said

    Wow, thanks for the info. That is something I need to make sure is checked at my next appointment.

    I agree so much is pushed at Doctors, so many patients, so little time, it is much easier to prescribe a drug to treat the symptom rather than dig for the root.

    Today, we really have to take responsibility for our health, if not satisfied with same ole same ole, nobody else is going to do it for us. Darn it! It would be great if they had something like a room or a piece of equipment like Spock did on Star Trek, just roll it over us or shine it, whatever…and know painlessly what the heck is wrong? Oh well, I can dream on..

  3. FXSmom said

    Excellent points. Iron is so crucial and women are the worst at not having enough iron.

  4. I’m so glad you all know this. We women are often the last on the list so I think it is important to lift each other and keep each other informed. Yes Ang, I think someday many sci-fi stuff will be here…I was born 100 years too soon! HA!

  5. Mary said


    I have had these symptoms for years and they have always been labeled depression and I too have been through all of the depression drugs. Nothing worked. Recently my daughter (who has pernicious (sp? anemia) told me that possibly I have some kind of anemia because it runs in our family. I am thinking of taking some iron but she told me to also take Vitamin D. It has helped some, but am going to see the dr and ask him to test me for anemia. Thanks for the information.


  6. Hi Mary, so glad you dropped by. Yes thanks, I’ve started taking vitamin D with my iron along with the fish oil capsules. I may have the family anemia as well. I think women are oft times prone to anemia too because of menstration. I know that has something to do with mine. 🙂 Deb

  7. Taylor said

    im 14 and for some reason i am tired and ache and not eating but idk what it is its not the symtoms that are listed or notthing.but i hope the doctors can helppp meee:(
    but i like this website it helps alot of people deal and find out whats wrong with them:)
    thank you for your time have a nice dayy:)

  8. Taylor said

    ohhh and its not my legs either:…(

  9. Thanks for your post Taylor… You need to see a doctor! A 14 year old should not be tired, ache and have no appetite! Please have your parent(s) make you an appointment soon! Take care of yourself and your body…it is the only one you get! 🙂

  10. Anonymous said

    Just wanted to reply to Taylor, sorry you are feeling unwell. For tiredness you should look at things like your diet, and low vitamin and mineral deficiency, these things can have alot to do with low enery etc. Going to see a naturopath would be a good idea if you can afford it, they can give you overall view in helping your body in a healthy way to heal. I wish you well

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