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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 18, 2008

I believe that life should be about what we CAN do.  After all not everyone can run a race much less win it.  Not everyone can focus for long periods of time to solve/work on the theories of time and space and how we can invent a worm hole.  Nor are most of us able (in my case willing) to strut themselves among the red carpet/reality crowd (ick). 

So in my corner of the world I am about what we are ABLE to do.  Figuring out the big picture for our lives, sifting in desires, gifts, love, passion, responsibility, compassion, abilities, education, understanding, desired outcome and more.  Then placing the pieces in order, minute by minute, day by day, week by week, year by year so that at some point we can see a masterpiece taking shape before us.  Our lives…what we are capable of doing throughout the course of a lifetime. 

I’m proud of both my kids.  I think they are worth every minute of thought, work, effort, joy, heartache, sweat, tears, planning, change of plans, money, time, all of it…they are worth it all.

Sometimes there are moments of unexplained, unexpected, unknown gifts displayed before me and I am in awe. This is an example of that wonder and surprise from Big Boy last year at the age of eight. 

He titled it “DRAGON”



9 Responses to “The Art of ABILITIES”

  1. Very nice!

  2. Darla said

    Hi Debi – I’m not sure if you remember who I am, we met on a blog/forum about a year ago. I JUST figured out (actually Accountable had to TELL me LOL) who you are! If you can’t figure out who I am – feel free to e-mail me and I’ll tell you. I’ve moved wayyyyy past that life… 😀

    So glad to see you around blog-land and that I can still keep in touch with you (altho we weren’t super close, we were forum/blog friends).

    P.S. Thanks for handin down the royal banana award to Mercedes who awarded it down to me, I promise not to letchya down. 😀

  3. Mary said


    Dropped over here via Mercedes. I saw where she mentioned that you have an autistic son. I have a grandson who as Asperger’s Syndrome.

    I am so glad that Big Boy has made several leaps and bounds lately. Isn’t it wonderful when they do something that medical science says they can’t do? They told us that Brandon would never be able to understand sarcasm, have empathy or read facial expressions. We worked with him and now at almost 13 years, he can do ALL of these things – not everytime, but most times. He recently paid for an elderly man’s purchases at the bakery because the man was having trouble getting out his wallet. He was on crutches. I would say that is showing empathy and kindness to others.

    Please drop by for a visit if you can. I would love to get to know you better.


  4. Hi Darla, glad to hear from you and know you are well! I try to look at all things positive and even though my MK days are over I learned so much. Those on PT then and now have helped me through it all and for that I will FOREVER be grateful! 🙂

  5. Wow Mary, yes it IS wonderful to know that things can change for the better. I’m so happy to know that your grandson shows empathy as that is something “they” say isn’t available to our kids. Personally, I think “they” get autism and sociopath mixed up! Most autistic children I know are sweet loving kids, they just don’t show it as much. Have a terrific day! 🙂

  6. bs angel said

    What an amazing piece of art! I love it. 🙂

  7. I agree Angel, I can’t even understand how he knew where to do the layering…I imagine that the purple speck is what “Dragon” is looking at. What is even more amazing to me is until this there were only stick figures.

  8. Uncle Darin said

    That’s my nephew! I know he is very talented in many ways. I hope he keeps on making art throughout his whole life! Most of us stop around 6th grade, right when arts education pretty much stops due to education funding cuts and prioritizing other things. It is so important to express through art what might not be expressable in words. Love you all 🙂

  9. We love you too Uncle Darin! Since you are an artist it looks like he may take after YOU!

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