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Rhetoric Pushers, Hate Mongers, Spinmiesters…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 24, 2008

yes and a happy day after Easter to you too!  😉

But then when is there a good time to bring up difficult dialogue, difficult questions or just thinking about what comes next… 

Recently I received an email entitled:  CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? 

Along with a message:

I have several Muslim friends, and they are calm, peaceful, rational people with good values and good hearts, and yes they are good citizens of the USA. The tone of this email that is getting passed around reminds me of the type of ignorant hate speech that was spread about Jewish people in Nazi Germany. To try and judge an entire society of people and say they are not worthy to be Americans is insane, and I cannot be quiet about that fact. People should be treated as individuals. A small percentage of Muslims are violent criminals just as a small percentage of Christians are violent criminals. That is not reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Thanks for reading.

and:I agree with you 100%! Actions speak louder than words. Good people do good things MOST of the time, evil people do evil things MOST of the time and those that do nothing are indifferent. Those of us with minds to think, ears to hear and eyes to see know what truth is and one should not be judged by all and all should not be judged by one. What if the tables were turned and because one person that looked like you did harm to many, would that also make you the same as that person? Timothy McVey ring a bell? Love is the answer, my friend and we will keep fighting for it till the end (to quote a song). Good people together in a good country doing the best we can together!  I am a champion of LOVE! Some people who “don’t look like me” took EXCELLENT care of me last year during my hospital stay.

I cannot nor will I judge others by what someone else does ……

unless they align themselves with that person and support harm to others….uh oh!!!!

Does this mean that the majority of Americans are evil because they voted Bush into office for a second term?  Did he have all the information about Iraq?  Where WE mislead?  Did “we the people” make a mistake and re-elect Bush for a second term?  Can we forgive ourselves because we didn’t have all the information? 

Are we REALLY informed or just guessing about what really runs “the world order”? 

Are we really the horrible people that THE MEDIA says that the rest of the WORLD says we are?  Why do they do business with us if we are so terrible?  Why do all these countries accept loans, grants, monies from us on a government, corporate and individual levels?

Even after all this thinking I am still left to finish a puzzle with the last piece… how does one defend against evil people (singular or multiple)?


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7 Responses to “Rhetoric Pushers, Hate Mongers, Spinmiesters…”

  1. milkinthecloset said

    A very interesting post. I like the way your posts cause me to think about things. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Milkinthecloset. Most of all I think that people who spread these emails don’t even think about it. Or maybe they do and aren’t willing to remember there was a time that their ancestors were immigrants to America. Or they are as the title suggests.

  3. Angie said

    Excellent post CG. I agree with your thoughts on it. Sometimes I think many just hit the forward button on emails to do something with it.. ya know just in case..:)

    Some good food for thought. I liked your saying at the bottom. It is so true or the more I learn I realize how little I know..

    Thanks for another thoughtful post.

  4. highhopes1 said

    Our world today is built on cynicism and someone always looking to blame someone else. Some people decide to use blanket statements when talking about different groups and I hate this overt characterism. You would have thought that we had learned from past world mistakes, but sadly we seem to forget easily.

    Extremism whether it be religious or other is usually undertaken by a small group and to characterize others who may belong to the same ethnic or religious background is stupid, pure and simple. When are the people of the world going to learn our diversities are what make us who we are and that there are more commonalities than differences.

    Good post CG. Usually when I get an email that has been forwarded a couple of hundred times I usually delete them and don’t forward them. Why perpetuate it.

  5. “Our world today is built on cynicism and someone always looking to blame someone else.”

    HH, I couldn’t agree with you more. You are right why perpetuate it!

  6. 2coolchicks said

    Hey CG, I added you to our blogroll, it makes it easier for me to come visit! HH

  7. Thanks HH, I’ll add you two cool chicks to my brain waves!!!! deb

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