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Mega Churches, What have they become?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 27, 2008

Mega church, I used to think, was a place where some real people were worshiping God and helping each other understand how to make it in the world that we are IN but not OF. 

After all the commotion in the 1980s with the “mega” stars of church, scandals, backstabbing, (all of which I saw at a local level too) I was so turned off I left churches completely.  I retrieved into my spirit, looking to God to guide me. Yes, I did (still do) lean upon my own understanding with an open mind as to others thoughts and feelings on matters of the spirit and other things then I look to God to show me.  After all, HE knows me BEST. 

Milkinthecloset re-introduced me to what is going on in mega churches.  During Christmas I saw on TV a man defending why his mega church had such elaborate stage shows.  They explained that the shows raise millions and cost about one million to be put together.  Let’s call it as it is, these are Broadway shows with a religious twist.  People go to those churches so they or family can be on stage and use it for a resume. Okay, not ALL of them, some of them just want some entertainment in a religious setting.

It’s like, God isn’t big enough (have you seen the structure of a seed that grows into a huge tree, the Andromeda galaxy, your unique fingerprint?), we need to make Him “viable” to today’s “entertain me” world. 

Think the stage isn’t set?  Seems very easy for me to see His Son walking into a mega church saying the same thing He did more than 2000 years ago when He walked in a synagogue. 

Things that make me go hmm!

Call me a skeptic or maybe that just isn’t the life for me.  If and when I’m called back to a church I seriously doubt it will be a mega church.  But then again God may call me to be an undercover spy.


9 Responses to “Mega Churches, What have they become?”

  1. wanderer7 said

    the biggest mega-church of them all? … the Vatican

  2. milkinthecloset said

    Interesting perspective. I sincerely hope you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you seek His will concerning the local church. There is great value in walking with other believers!

    I feel like I should clarify a few things. I hope I didn’t come across as being judgemental in my post about megachurches. After I wrote it, that was my fear. It’s like what Paul said in Philippians, if people are being reached with the gospel, then praise God. Who am I to say what God can and cannot use, you know? It’s difficult to not judge when we are so “turned off” by what we see, but only God knows the hearts of men and women.

    I pray that the church that spends one million to raise millions is using the millions for God’s kingdom. I l.o.v.e the church where I attend. Leadership is committed to paying cash for everything, not going into debt and regularly give 10% of all offerings to other churches and ministries in town. Don’t give up on church, altogether. There are some great ones out there. And who knows, God can use anyone, right?

    Have a great day!

  3. MilkInTheCloset, I understand your position. I am elated (truly) that you have a wonderful church. It certainly sounds awesome and the paying cash, no debt is VERY rare these days…very, so that alone shows good stewardship.

    I can be skeptical and still be positive about what goes on at any church because there is no doubt true, pure good going on at many churches. But just because it is called a church doesn’t mean everyone is good or all is well.

    I think the mega churches tie in well with the greed and power that large amounts of money draw to it (

    Even good, well meaning people can be blinded to money/creature comforts. I worked with some very kind wonderful people at a bank who got caught embezzling and it starts VERY innocently. One woman was in her 50’s and had worked at the bank for decades and was caught. Another was young, a single mom (teller) and just wanted to “borrow” until payday. She took over $50,000 in less than six months. These weren’t just people I read about…I knew these people and they lead good productive lives until BAM…caught, we were all aghast.

    I have to ask what one does with “millions” of dollars in “non-profit” at a church. With all the wealth running around in a mega church and the wealth of all these huge religious organizations, why are people still starving in our own country? Why are people starving ANYWHERE?

    It is a conundrum of biblical proportions. I can’t seem to wrap my head or heart around that much money and so much poverty. I’m not wounded, I’m not blinded, I search for the answer of TRUTH.

    I certainly don’t mean to sound condescending…I am a very thoughtful person. Just trying to explain from my experience and perception.

    I hold you in high regard! Prayerfully, Debi

  4. My husband and I were involved in a mega church until about a year ago. I guess we went there for about a year and a half before we started getting overwhelmed with feelings of “let’s get out now . . . something here is not right.”

    It had a lot to do with multi-level marketing and recruiting that was going on within the church and also the way fundraising/tithing was conducted. We started to be really uncomfortable and left.

    My friend Brian wrote about mega churches and how they take over Halloween celebrations.
    I hope you’ll enjoy reading his post. I did!

  5. Thanks FW, I read it and agree with what he said. Mega anything takes away from our local community, bigger isn’t always better. Yikes! MLM hunters! I know how you feel, my son’s school has an MLM for a “fundraiser” and I don’t participate. I tried to talk them out of doing it this year but no dice. I’m on the board again next year and I’m educating them on MLMs when I find a replacement fundraising idea. It may not do any good but I can try.

  6. Angie said

    I visited one Mega church while in another state a few years ago. My experience was good for a visitor,as far as warmth, biblical preaching,etc: my understanding is that they had ‘cell groups of about 10 each that would meet weekly for fellowship. That’s about the extent of my knowledge of them with the exception of what I have seen on T.V. or heard from others.

    The largest church I ever belonged to was about 150-200. I need a new church now since my move. The last one had about 40 members that I belonged to. There are pros and cons on size for each. For me, the main thing is: Is Jesus exalted and taught as God come to earth in the flesh. That He died for our sins, where there is an invitation for others to come to know Him,and then I want to know what they support. The little church that I belonged to were givers. They gave at least 40% to missions. That is important to me.

    While I believe we are the church,(the real church versus a building)-the body of believers in Him. I totally get what you are referring to with the Mega churches. It seems that some on TV are saying things that just make us feel good versus the truth. Maybe I need to be (here is an old fashioned word)convicted of the truth as it relates to me. Maybe I need to feel bad in order to change.

    Sorry for my rambling on.

    Again girl, another thought provoking post. Thanks 🙂

  7. Ang, you never ramble to me, I love to hear your thoughts! I know what you mean about being convicted. God knows us best and what moves us…sometimes a loving touch and some times a boot! ha! Hugs to you!

  8. gr8brainfarts said

    Wow. I read this and I relate to this so completely I could have written it. I haven’t been involved in an organized church for over 10 years now. All too often the church isn’t all that it’s cut out to be, or should be. In the years since I left the organization called church I’ve had some much more meaningful and God-filled conversations and interactions with other individuals in similar situations.

    Great post!

  9. I have to agree. Some of the most spiritually stimulating and enlightening discussions I’ve ever had was outside of church with my friends and family. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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