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Please say a prayer

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 3, 2008

Everything has happened so fast that my head is spinning.  Hungry Hubby is up for a job that would spread happiness throughout our friends, family and of course, us too.   

Please say a prayer, thought, send a positive vibe our way over this next week.   

In thankfulness to all, Debi


15 Responses to “Please say a prayer”

  1. Good vibes, coming your way.

  2. Bev said

    More good vibes coming your way…and lots of warm thoughts… keep up the positive attitude

  3. Thanks Accountable and Bev! Sending it back to you ten times, Deb

  4. Sky said

    Sending positive energy and mucho prayers!!!!!

  5. Positive thoughts and prayers from me too!

  6. Sky and FW, thank you, sending it back to you ten times too.

    I’m heavy with hope!

  7. Mary said


    Positive thoughts coming your way and prayers speeding heavenward.

    I have posted another autism article if you have time to stop by.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. bs angel said

  9. Mary and Angel, thank you both very much I’m sending it back to you ten times! Sincerely, Debi

  10. Darla said

    Prayers to you!

  11. Mary said


    I have left a little something for you on Tuesday’s post. Please drop by and pick it up when you’re able.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  12. Thanks so much Darla, back to you ten times! Mary, you are a sweetheart. Thank you both. Deb

  13. Angie said

    Just now saw this but I always remember you and your family CG. Hope it turned out to be all you wanted.


  14. Mercedes said

    As I pray for my blog buddies: thought and prayers sent your way. So how did the job go for Hungry Hubby? Hope it went great…like you! Mer

  15. Thanks so much Angie and Mer!

    His official application is on the way and will be processed this week. I’m positive he will be getting a call for an interview. It is a matter of when. I’ll keep everyone posted when the next big thing happens!!!!

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