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The Age of Autism

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 10, 2008


Nicole Beurkens the Director of Horizons Developmental Remediation Center in Michigan asked me to mention that during the month of April for every new person who signs up for a free newsletter at  her clinic will make a donation to a scholarship fund for parents who require financial assistance to access treatment. 

I do this as an informational service and to be helpful, not as a recommendation.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND any individual treatment, place, etc.  I do have links to a variety of autism websites for informational purposes. 

I think each child and family are unique and could benefit from any number of people, places and programs. 

I recommend:

     education, read as much as you can as quickly as you can about similar situations.

     early intervention if possible but it is NEVER too late!

     deep breathing, for you, your child, your family, it helps!

     at least a consultation with a neurodevelopmentalist.

     one way all the way isn’t necessarily THE way, try lots of things to see what works for YOU!

     read, reach out to others, use their experience to help yourself and your family (use ME)! 

This is by far my favorite definition of autism because I find it the truth.







 Above all, love is love is love.  Everyone has difficulties in life we can rejoice about them and how we are different or lament about it.  I ALWAYS choose to rejoice because I’m never bored, there is always something to do or learn.  Thank God!  I get to choose happiness!


9 Responses to “The Age of Autism”

  1. Goldie said

    Hi, I’ve seen you on the blogs of friends (Mer, 2cool, FW) but didn’t know we had so much in common. I have a child on the autism spectrum and just started doing the april blogging thing last night. We just started Early Eval last month. Glad I found your site! I look forward to exploring the contents.

  2. Welcome Goldie, make yourself at home, I’ll be over for a visit! Deb

  3. highhopes1 said

    I love your definition of autism Debi. Your statement love is love is love, is so true. In dealing with various neurological disorders over the years in my job, half the battle is having a support system and the other half is educating yourself. Usually people when they find out they are dealing with any illness they quickly become educated and it is overwhelming to say the least.

  4. Hey HH, the autism definition is from someone else. I don’t even know where I saw it first but I love it, it speaks to me. I didn’t know that you work with neurological disorders! That is wonderful, what do you do?

  5. SoulofAqua said

    Goodday to you, I would like to state that Autism not always has the same definition as yours… really different, my friend Lubeman is autistic and it can’t get trough his mind that some perverted things should be kept for yourself. For example once I told a girlfriend of me that there is a Mario Corset and she screamed out of joy where she could get one. Then he comes with SoA she’s wet, do her now!… and when is Schizophrenia awareness month?

  6. Goldie said

    Soul of Aqua, yes, “autism” covers a wide variety of characteristics. One of them is a lack of appropriate social skills.

  7. Hi Soul of Aqua, that is a really cool name by the way. Goldie is right about the lack of social skills and some times mysterious would cover his reponse for me. I understand where you are coming from asking when schizophrenia awareness month. I’m sure if there is a large upward trend of diagnosis there would be the same attention to it.

  8. High Hopes said


    I work in a private neuro practice, run the office and am a general hand holder and hugger for those that need it. I have been doing this for 20 years. I have learned a lot in my time here and it never ceases to amaze me how strong the human spirit is.

  9. Amen HH, the human spirit is amazing!

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