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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 16, 2008

I just found a new favorite place!  Post was changed…so it isn’t your eyes, it was me.

 Okay, I admit it….I didn’t scroll down far enough or look hard enough…ick. 

I saw some Coexist stickers and “Ask your doctor if medical advise from a TV is right for you.”  

That one got my attention and funny bone.

I had no idea of the political slant at the bottom

I still love the thought of being a peacemonger.

Just not from that direction. 





2 Responses to “OOPS!”

  1. Angie said

    Dang, I missed it..LOL! I have been in a hurry sometimes and then when I read it again, I think..what am I thinking? and how many saw that blooper? We gotta laugh at ourselves now and then but I tell ya, I can make some whoppers!

  2. Absolutely! Finding opportunities to laugh is so much fun! And uh…I have lots of those opportunities!!! ***wink*** ha

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