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THANKS and by the way…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 17, 2008

First, thanks to all of you who’ve been keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  I really feel them in my heart and soul.  THANK YOU for them.  I really do sit in thoughtful prayer for you as well.  I’m a big giver so when I receive I tend to give back even more.  Your continued thoughts and prayers of support are very appreciated.  As we know more of the details I’ll share them.  Right now we are in a holding pattern but circling the airport.  ha!

I have several things that are pressing, several things that must come out, I’m compelled.

I’ve done a dozen or so posts on autism.  I think highly of so many bloggers who are autistic or parents of autistic children.  I respect them, their view of things, their frustration of things, their joy of things, their need to help others understand, agree, being able to learn and grow.  Just knowing how nice it is to reach out to each other when needed is a wonderful thing. 

In this age of “bi-polar-isms” I refuse to define my precious, sweet son by autism, nor will I.  He is smart, loving, handsome like his dad (of course), very tall, a reader, into astrology, a thinker, a dreamer, he hums happy tunes, still likes to skip (me too…like Phoebe from friends), likes routine (like his dad), sounds just like his brother (vice-versa) when he talks, has an amazing memory, adores his third grade teacher, can easily entertain himself, becomes deeply involved with things he enjoys, can’t concentrate on things he doesn’t and more, more, more.

So what am I getting at???  I’ve been holding my son’s story close (odd because I share so easily) but I’m nervous it will define him.  Or WORSE, that HE thinks that is how I define HIM.

God has been pushing gently at me from many directions and I had my AHA moment this morning, NO FEAR.  I now know I’m to post it, I’m compelled to post it.  In faith I will post it and pray that it reaches those that it is supposed to reach and help.  In faith I will post it believing that my son will KNOW that autism is only a small sliver of who he is, something to help him in his life’s journey and that I love him more than words.  Amen.  Thank you God for love, mercy, all things seen and unseen.



10 Responses to “THANKS and by the way…”

  1. Take your time. You’ll know in your heart when you’ll be ready to share. {{HUGS}}

  2. I understand that you are nervous. I think it shows how much you care about him that you wouldn’t want to put him in a box like that.

    I wanted to make sure you saw this about nutrition

  3. Thanks so much Randomability and Fighting Windmills for your support. Thanks for the link, nutrition is part of my son’s story too.

  4. Goldie said

    I know it’s scary. I made sure I posted about the wonderful things about my son FIRST before our concerns were ever mentioned. You are a loving and conscientious mother!

  5. Angie said

    I am with you CG. Anyone that reads your posts know that you are a thoughtful loving Mom and person.

    God will give you the right time. God bless you and I am praying for you and him.

    Many big hugs

  6. Mercedes said

    I really enjoy your posts about Autism and when the time is right you will share your story. You are the best!

  7. Thanks Goldie, Ang and Mer for your support. I count myself so blessed, so very blessed.

  8. bs angel said

    Sometimes it’s hard because the very qualities we love the most about them seem to be the qualities that are attributed to their “disorders”. But that is not the case. They are who they are, for the same reason you are who you are, for the same reason I am who I am. While the “labels” help with getting resources and whatnot, they should not be defining. That is a struggle unto itself but not an impossibility.

  9. Mercedes said

    I finally decided to share with the world your lovely award you honored me with: Huge Heart Award! Again~Thank you so much! You too have a huge heart for honoring your friends with such a wonderful award!

  10. I agree Angel, very much. Hugs to you!

    Mer, you are welcome! Big hug!

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