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You make me feel so young…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 21, 2008

You make me feel like spring has sprung!

Thank you to Mercedes for putting a SPRING into my step!

The Cheer Me Up Award is passed on to:

Fighting Windmills


Mary at her Writing Nook

Hawty McBloggy



Thanks to Mary for this award!  I’d like to pass it on to:




To everyone on Brain Waves!

Because you truly make my day!



10 Responses to “You make me feel so young…”

  1. angie said

    Aw thanks CG. I am putting them on my blogger ID. I do really appreciate the thought..One of these days I am gonna learn how to do some of this cool stuff and give all my ‘special’ friends a special blog award.

    Love and many many hugs

  2. Ang, I think you have plenty on your hands!!! 😉 I never give these for any reason other than I think you are special!!!!

  3. Thank you very much. Oneof these days I’ll post it and pass it on. ❤

  4. Mercedes said

    You are so special! You have such a way with words too! You too have made my day! Awesome! Randomability~there won’t be anyone to pass it on too by the time you get too it-LOL! Just kidding~you know I love ya too! Thanks again, Deb! Ewe Rock!

  5. bs angel said

    SWEET! I have won more awards from your blog than anywhere else! Actually, I don’t think I have won awards anywhere else. Psh.

    You’re too kind. Really. 🙂

  6. Are you kidding me???!!!! Angel, I think your blog is stellar!!!!

  7. Mary, I’ve tried everything to post on your blog over the last week. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong??!!!

  8. Thank you, CG! You’re the best.

  9. […] at The Canvas Grey gave me this award on April 21, […]

  10. Mercedes said

    Right back at ya! Love Ya! Mere

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